Domo arigatou, Mr Roboto...

"And in the end, an author will put on his dedications because in the end his selfishness appals even himself..."-(paraphrase from Misery)

Minna, I was looking over this page and realized I skipped something very basic-the thank yous.
I feel evil.
Anyway, there are a few people I am very greatful to because they are instrumental in the making of my fics.

First off, Id like to thank a few specific people...

Michelle-san:This is a cool girl, my friends. She was the first person to ever put my fics up on the web on her really cool site "Chichiri no Keiibins shrine to Chichiri". She is encouraging, really nice, and a rabid Chichiri fan. Arigatou, Michelle-san!

Mari-chan:Ah, my first fan. Mari-chan is my girl for Chichiri-fanisim. She helps me find broken links, verify story details (my memory isnt incredibly photographic...^_^;;) and was the first to write me a fanmail. (She is also an awesome writer herself, look for her fics on the aptly named "Mari-chans fics!" page.) Arigatou, Mari-chan!

Beth-chan AKA Tasuki-chan: My newest girl. She goes on here because the volume of support she gives me alone (despite her constant demands to be written in fics! juuust kidding Beth-chan. ;p)makes me write most of the time. (Ever wonder why I update on a weekly basis? ^_^;;) Arigatou, Tasuki-chan!

K-chan:Okay, you probaly recognize this name. K-chan is a very important person in the Harmonychan fic universe. Why? Because she is a constant source of support. She made me make this page, basically...and she also serves as a proofreader, editor, and co-author (Fushigi Yuugi Sells Out and Chichiri's Gift) which I evily forgot to mention. She makes me write when I dont wanna, and she always always is willing to listen to my stupid ideas. So Arigatou, K-chan!

Dani-chan:This girl is so productive! shes so nice...she made me a banner, gave me an award, and even is making a manga of one of my fics!!! Kakkoi, ne? Arigatou, Dani-chan!

And finnaly, Id like to thank everyone whos ever written me a fanmail or supported me in any way. You guys are all awesome, and thats the reason I keep writing!

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