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Yes, fic writer! You didnt know?!? Mari-chan writes some awesome shoujo ficage. This is her Chichiri story "Hikari no Futari" (A Light Through the Sadness) Be sure to read, ne? And if you enjoy, drop her a mail here!

I wrote Mari-chan a song for the fic, she liked it, and asked me to put it up, so here I go...

Image of Chichiri
by Harmony-chan

The first time I saw your smiling face
I knew that you would be kind
I had a feeling you would always be laughing
I knew that you would make me smile

I knew that I was being a fool then
I know im being a fool now
I know that I should forget about you
I know that this will make me cry

But theres this feeling that melts resistance
It laughs in the face of my logic
It makes me want to hold you
It makes me want to be a fool

Its so simple, my hearts so complex
How can I even explain?
Forever, forever, I hold in my heart
An image of Chichiri

Now, your smile is in my direction
My heart and my stomach both churn
Theres no way to prevent this whirling
What can I do to stop it?

Is there a way to stop it at all?
If there is, would I take it now?
Or would I pretend that I couldnt see
And race blindly into your arms?

I dont know whats happening to me
Every time I look in your eyes
You take me in your arms in freindship
The logic fuzzes over again

Its so strange, theres no way to stop
Im falling, it feels just like flight
Fushigi, fushigi, im falling in love
with an image of Chichiri

I look into your eye and see the pain
that came unto you long ago
even when you smile, the pain shines through
making it bittersweet

Sometimes I swear that the look that you gave
Was more than a friendly gaze
If there was a way to erase the pain
Id do whatever it takes

Its not fair, you cant really love me
No matter how much I love you
Your heart will never be so close to mine
That I can feel you emotions as mine

I'd do anything to make you smile
Too feel my emotions returned
Namida, Namida, my tears are for you
My image of Chichiri

I can't take this distance between us
I knew this would be so painful
They joy on your face, the sadness in your heart
My image of Chichiri

Oh, and Ive been told to add this to my pages. Logical, when I think about it...
Chichiri-sama does not belong to me or Mari-chan (damnit!), nor anyone else in Fushigi Yuugi. All charaters (with the excpetions of Mari-chan and any other originals) were made by the brilliant Watase-sama and not Mari-chan. Owned by Shogakukan, Bandai, TX, Movic, Studio Peirrot, and Viz Video. So dont sue, Im so poor I can barely afford my ISP anyway.(And you wouldnt want these nifty fics to go away, now would you? ^-^)

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