Ikari ni Ai

Ikari ni Ai

Chapter 1:Sakana no Irasshimase
Chapter 2:Tokyo Rain and Independance
Chapter 3: Cherry Blossoms
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(Left to right- Sakana, Hikira, Kimiko, Matsakura)

Shinnobu Hikira has a nickname: "The Ai Shiteru Girl". Litterally translatted to the "I love you" girl, it denotes her uncanny ablility to predict her friends romantic futures. She tries to predict the future of the boy she likes, and unfortunately fails badly-hes in love with her friend Kyo. Despite her sadness, so not to ruin her friends happiness, she keeps scilent.

Meanwhile, her friend Kimiko wants help with a new transfer student, Matsakura. At first she refuses, but is drawn out by the promise of yen now, and more yen, on delivery of said boy...

This is an original story, not based on any particular fic, but it does have anime traits (the lead characters go to an elite school in tokyo, he girls a shoujo manga fan, a shared love of Every little Thing, ect). If you like it, please, write me and let me know!

*NEW* as of 12/18/99-Chapter 3:Cherry Blossoms

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