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Fauzia's Pakistani Recipes - The Extraordinary Taste of Pakistan
Has thousands of delicious recipes.
A variety of Pakistani, Indian, American, Chinese, Arabian, and recipes from all over the world!
In this section you will find many delicious Bread Recipes. Enjoy!

Aaloo Paratha
Whole Wheat Unleavened Bread filled with
a filling of spiced Mashed Potatoes.
Bagels made of Yeasted Wheat Dough in the form
of a roughly hand sized ring; boiled and then baked.
Baida Paratha
Flour Bread made of Spices; dipped in
beaten Egg and fried in Clarified Butter.
Besan Roti
Flat Chick Pea Flour Bread fried on a griddle
in Clarified Butter; an easy to make recipe.
Bhopali Roti
Unleavened Bread made with Wheat Wheat and Rice
Flour, Cashews, Green Chillies, and fresh Cilantro.
Bombay Toast
White Bread dipped in an Egg Batter
and fried until brown and crispy.
Bread made with Flour, Raisins, Currants,
Citrus Peel, Cherries, and Brown Sugar.
Cake Rusk
Crispy Cake Rusk - An authentic special
recipe; a Biscuit-like dessert eaten with tea.
Chapati Roti
Traditional Pakistani unleavened
Whole Wheat Bread.
Cheese Nan
Nan Bread made with Flour, Cheese, and
Whole Milk; stir fried in Clarified Butter.
Cheesy Breadsticks
Pizza Dough sticks brushed with Spices and Olive
Oil and topped with a combination of Cheeses.
Cinnamon Raisin French Toast
Cinnamon Raisin Bread prepared
as French Toast and served warm.
A rich, flaky Roll crisp on the outside with
a flaky and layered soft Buttery center.
Dal Pakwan
An Sindhi favorite of Unleavened Bread Puris served
with Spicy Lentils cooked with Whole Chillies.
Dal Puri
Delicious Gram Bean Bread made with Gram Lentils,
Wheat Flour, Red Chilli Powder, and Spices.
Double Roti
Soft Bread made of All-Purpose Flour, Sugar,
Scalded Milk, and Yeast; baked to perfection.
Egg Paratha
Whole Wheat Unleavened Bread filled with
a filling of Eggs, Onions, and Spices.
French Toast
Bread slices dipped in a Milk and Egg mixture;
fried and sprinkled with Powdered Sugar.
Garlic Nan
Baked flat Bread made with Flour, Milk,
and Yogurt; Sprinkled with Garlic.
Gobhi Paratha
Layered Whole Wheat Bread stuffed with Cauliflower
and Green Chillies and lightly fried till golden brown.
Hyderabadi Masala Kulcha
Bread stuffed with a mixture of Vegetables,
aromatic Spices, and homemade Paneer Cheese.
Keema Katlama
Delicate Fried Bread with a
spiced Ground Beef Filling.
Keema Nan
Nan Bread stuffed with Minced
Meat and Spices baked in oven.
Mooli Paratha
A crispy Wholemeal Bread stuffed
with White Radish & Spices.
Unleavened Bread filled with a mixture of Ground
Beef, Onions, and Eggs; fried on a griddle.
Traditional baked unleavened flat Bread combined
with Flour, Egg, Yogurt, and other ingredients.
Multi-layered Whole Wheat Bread cooked
with melted Butter and Cooking Oil.
Pastry Sheets
Pastry Sheets used for baking Pastries,
Samosas, and a variety of Desserts.
Pizza Dough
Basic recipe for Homemade Pizza Dough;
top it with any of your favorite toppings.
Pizza Paratha
Pizza shaped soft Paratha Bread filled with
Green Chillies, Tomato Paste and Spices.
Puffy Whole Wheat Bread lightly fried in
Oil; eaten as a breakfast with any Curry.
Roghni Nan
Unleavened Bread made with Flour, aromatic
Clarified Butter, Sesame Seeds, and Milk.
Shahi Tukray
Fried Bread cooked in a Milky sweet syrup;
topped with Cheese, Pistachios, and Almonds.
A slightly sweet Bread, spiked with
Sugar, Clarified Butter, and Whole Milk.
Spring Roll and Samosa Wrappers
Pastry Wrappers used for Spring and
Egg Rolls, Samosas, and other Pastries.
Stuffed Pizza Bread
Pizza Bread stuffed with Ground Beef, Sweet
Peppers, Onions, and Mozzarella Cheese.
Swiss Roll
Thin sheet of Sponge Cake made of Flour
spread with Strawberry Jam and rolled.
White Bread
Soft Bread made of Flour, Sugar, Scalded
Milk, and Yeast; baked to perfection.
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