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my little blurb about lisa:
well, what can i say? lisa is such an amazingly talented singer/songwriter and i am so grateful she got into the business! i have seen lisa four times in concert. the first was in 1998 in st. louis where she opened for sarah mclachlan. as you can imagine, this concert was absolutely incredible. in nov 2001 i saw her in NYC, which was awesome b/c the venue was so small and i was literally less than 10 ft away from her. she played a lot of songs from her previous albums (with me watching the guitar work carefully, taking notes of chords i hadn't figured out yet) and many from her album, cake AND pie, which came out in feb 2001. my third lisa concert was november 2002 in grand rapids, where she opened for the goo goo dolls. i got to meet her after her set; it was so cool. see pics of this exciting day here. most recently, (february 15, 2004) i saw her at the house of blues in chicago - second row center seats, met her afterwards, lots of signed stuff :)

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see a picture of me performing at principia college in '99. i did lisa's song "this" from her firecracker album. it was a real treat to perform that song... esp with my cool lisa specs :)

my thoughts about songwriting:
playing my own stuff in front of people is incredibly nerve-racking. it's that feeling of vulnerability that goes along with opening your mouth and letting all your personal emotions out in song. however, i love every minute of it. i love writing songs at home on my guitar, just playing the same chord progressions over and over until i hear a tune coming out. and then, just feeling what the song wants me to say... what to tell the world... it's creepy. music is your gift and not everyone wants it... but for those who embrace it, that somehow gives you just enough validation to keep going... and to smile.

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