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from an interview with modern drummer online
"Over the years Iíve learned that instead of trying to force musicians to play things that Iím hearing in my head, I try to start off with a little bit more of the raw materials that are close to what I need. Iíve always had great musicians, and now I have musicians who I feel a little bit more confident with right from the get-go. We start playing and what they initially come up with is usually close to what Iím looking for, so I feel less bossy. [laughs] Thatís good because I tend to be very specific with what Iím looking for and what I need."

from her post on her page at
"Last week has been so intense with the Song School where I was teaching in Lyons, CO. I don't teach very often, but I was asked to be there - what an amazing experience. People came from all over the US to learn about songwriting, the craft, the inspiration, performance, business. I spoke a great deal about finding your inspiration and going towards that instead of always looking for a new system by completely ignoring your own natural instincts. Kind of like creating a "diet" for yourself with no donuts, when that's something that you tend to eat every week. Why make things more difficult. I also spoke about the balance between going with what's easy and supported, but also challenging yourself to be better and better. That's my goal in life - to enjoy it and appreciate where I am, literally and figuratively, but also to push myself and look for better and better. (But again, if I don't get more and more and better and better, staying satisfied and appreciating what I have. It's kind of a circle.)"

from an interview with female musician
"I studied acting, growing up in Dallas and at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Acting is another art form in which I can express yourself, or a story through someone else's creation. I enjoy it. I've been focusing so much on getting my album out that I haven't had enough time to dedicate to acting and all of the work that it involves. Hopefully in the future there will be more time and opportunity."

from an interview with the st. petersburg times
"SPT: Your family was very culturally and artistically tuned-in. You studied dance and music and lots of other arts as a kid. What were you not-so-good at?
LL: I was good at everything, really (laughs). I excelled at all of them. I was really good at ballet. I performed with college students who were studying dance. I was good at piano, ice skating. I was in plays. I loved all of it, really. I was really lucky."

from an interview with erie entertainment
"I prefer seated theatres or seated arenas, anywhere where they have seats whether it's a small club or a huge arena, just because if I'm playing acoustically, that's what I like. It attracts an audience that's quieter. In more of a rock setting, people feel the tendency to want to talk and it's like they're watching TV. They don't notice there's someone on stage as much whereas, obviously, if you're sitting down, it's like you're in a movie or something; you're supposed to be quiet and listen. So I like listening spaces the best, but any space is fine. They all work out."

from an interview with guitar girls
"It's just as important to write a good song and to be at peace with where you are and still maintain a really strong drive to be better and do better, play guitar better and to sell more records; to do all these different things."

from an interview with guitar girls
"I do like things that are cute, and I like cats, and my favorite color is pink. But I'm very much a business person. People are scared of me after going into a conference room for a meeting. Being from Dallas, I know all about etiquette and how to use it."

from an interview with guitar girls
"Some people train for certain sports and I want to train to be a able to hold a super heavy electric guitar and [carry] luggage around myself because I always have to have 7,000 pairs of shoes. Who cares about sports?"

from an online interview with
"I hate when I'm stuck someplace and I have the radio on and I hear the same exact song every hour when I'm getting my hair done, you know? That drives me crazy."

from an interview with New York Rock:
"When I started writing lyrics, I thought I was cryptic and mysterious too. Years later when I read them, I was so embarrassed. I mean, I bared my soul in my lyrics and didn't even realize it. Lyrics can be so obvious even if you think you're cryptic."

from lisa's tour diary from the grand rapids concert:
"Over the last few shows I've had the opportunity to meet some more of the e-clairs. I love the custom designed shirts! If you are reading this, you are great!"

from lisa's tour diary from the princeton concert:
"I miss my baby kitties - I want to kiss their faces."

from an interview with the Female Musician:
"My fans are really respectful. They draw pictures, take photos, make CDs for me, develop incredible websites about me, and make what I do worth doing."

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