cake and pie

released feb 2002

cake and pie is lisa's third album, released by a&m/interscope, the label that aquired geffen and which lisa recently ditched. i was able to obtain the japan release from a japanese friend of mine in jan 2002. even though i got it 2 months early, it felt more like 2 years too late :) lisa stated that the album was done for quite a while before the actual release (feb 26, 2002 in the US), which she said was the label's fault. this album, much of it done in collaboration with artists like dweezil zappa (her bf), randy scruggs, and glen ballard, definitely has a different feel to it than her first two albums. i got a certain appreciation for many of the songs on this album when i saw lisa in concert in NYC in nov 2001. hearing the songs with just her and ben was a real treat and allowed me to hear the "core" of the songs, if you will. i think this album shows lisa's willingness to try new things (and succeed at them!) and i fully recommend this album to lisa fans everywhere (or anyone!). as my japanese version was stolen, i now have the american version without the bonus track look me in the eye, but my new copy is signed!
see pics of my signed copy: pic 1 pic 2

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the way it really is
bring me up
someone you should know
drops me down
we could still belong together
kick start + explanation
you don't know me
too fast driving
she's falling apart
look me in the eye (japan)

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