released 1997

this album, released by geffen, brought out some new styles from lisa, in my opinion. the use of strings and more elaborate scores give this album a "bigger" feel than tails. to be honest, there were several songs i didn't like when i first bought the american version of this album in '97, mostly because they were a different style than "tails" and what i was used to hearing from lisa. however, the album quickly grew on me and became one of my favorites CDs in my collection (although since my original CD was stolen, i now own the japanese version). her hit i do was released on the radio and if sung to most people gets an "oh yeah, i know that song." it was actually the last song lisa wrote for the album and the lyrics are much simpler than some of her other songs like furious rose, which has more of a poetic style. the variety on this album make it a sure A+. there are two extra tracks on the japanese version, guessing game, an awesome band version of the song originally on the purple tape, and eno ambient #5, a beautiful and slightly disquieting slow song with just lisa and her guitar.

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i do + explanation
falling in love
let's forget about it
how + explanation
furious rose + explanation
wishing heart
dance with the angels + explanation
jake + explanation
this + explanation
split second
firecracker + explanation
guessing game (japan)
eno ambient #5 (japan)

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