the way it really is

released aug 2004


window shopping + explanation
i control the sun + explanation
hand-me-downs + explanation
fools like me
would you wander?
lucky me
now i understand

from lisa's song book for TWIRI, she talks about creating this album:
"When I decided to make this album, I really wanted a collection of songs that sonically represented the way I like to play music live - either very pared down and acoustic, or fully produced and polished. I was going to call the album Half and Half. Then I began putting together the cover art for the album with Kevin Westenberg, the photographer, and Bill Merryfield, the art director. We came up with an album cover picturing me with two deer sitting on some grass with a lot of white sky. I didn't think Half and Half looked right with that image. Should we call it Sky is Probably Blue, a lyric from the song "Probably," since the sky has no color? Should we call it Do Better Than Get By, a lyric from the song "Try?" No, sounds too religious and sad. Finally I decided to take the title of a song from my album Cake and Pie, and called the album The Way It Really Is. This doesn't really have anything to do with the image on the cover, but thematically it matches up pretty well with the content of the songs on the record. Also, I see the album cover all the time - the title is like a tattoo (that I don't have printed on my body), reminding me to look at life the way it really is, and if I like it, I should remember to appreciate it, and if I don't like it, I should make some changes.

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