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the way it really is

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underdog ep

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hello lisa

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cake and pie

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firecracker (japan)

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purple tape

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catch the moon

released 2003

lisa released this album with her longtime friend and musical partner liz mitchell. before lisa struck out on her own, she and liz, friends at brown university in rhode island, made two tapes together, "days were differnt" and "liz and lisa" (a copy of which i would give much for). catch the moon features many traditional as well as lisa originals, all meant for young children to enjoy (although i admit i enjoy them as well!). the cd also comes with a board book with a really cute story and great illustrations. a must for anyone with children or for any die-hard lisa fans :)

waiting for wednesday (japan)

released 1996

this album is an import from japan and is an extended single of waiting for wednesday. lisa decided to add several live songs from her japan tour on this album. they are: stay, alone, hurricane, garden of delights, and taffy. this is a great live album (i love live stuff!) and the bits of attempted japanese are really quite cute :) i got this CD off of ebay and continually look for other imports of lisa's, they're tough to find! this album is fantabulous ;)

someone you should know (japanese single)

released 2001

i received this single as a gift... email me to find out from whom :) it was released in japan in 2001 to support the release of cake and pie. it has the cake and pie/hello lisa album version of someone you should know and payback.

let's forget about it (single)

released 1997

i aquired this CD off of ebay. it's a two track single with the album version of let's forget about it (from firecracker) and the rhythm remix of i do. two things i love about it: fabulous cover art (i've got the t-shirt with that artwork on it) and the remix of i do is just awesome. another great CD to add the the collection :)

do you sleep? (UK single)

released 1995

i was able to find a sealed copy of this single on ebay. this UK version has birds, when all the stars were falling, and the purple tape version of hurricane in addition to the tails album version of do you sleep. it's a wonderful CD and a very cool addition to the collection :)

stay (single)

released 1993

another CD i found on ebay. it has the album (tails) version of stay as well as the "living room mix," which is basically a live version. not much to say about this one, it's short! just a nice addition to my collection... the original lisa song!

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