release date 1995

this album was released by geffen, her first record label. her hit song stay from the "reality bites" soundtrack hit the charts before she was even signed and is still probably her most well-known song. my personal favorites on this album are hurricane and it's over, which are really fun to play on the guitar. however, i love the whole album and still listen to it often, which is impressive since i've owned it since '95. lisa's fresh lyrics and great band "nine stories" make this an album worth owning, loving, and sharing.

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it's over + explanation
snow day + explanation
taffy + explanation
when all the stars were falling + explanation
do you sleep? + explanation
hurricane + explanation
rose-colored times + explanation
sandalwood + explanation
alone + explanation
waiting for wednesday + explanation
lisa listen + explanation
garden of delights + explanation
stay + explanation

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