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Callisto Is Returning!!!!!! Callisto Is Returning!!!

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June, 1998

Welcome to Callisto's Temple. Click on the link to take you to the obvious place you wish to go.

The First Episode we see Callisto is is of course..."Callisto" click on the title of the episode you'd like to check out...

"Return of Callisto"
"Intimate Stranger"
"Ten Little Warlords"
"Suprise!"From "Hercules:The Legendary Journies"
"A Necessary Evil" My Personal Favorite
"Maternal Instincts"
"The Bitter Suite"
"Armegeddon Part 1"
"Armegeddon Part 2"
"Sacrifice Part 1"
"Sacrifice Part 2" This is the episode where Callisto died for the last time.. or so we thought..

Warriors Callisto Page
The Warriors Theater

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Velaska the Goddess of Chaos
Many of the images you will find on this page were aquired from other pages. Many thanks go out to these people: Wesser and Barron thank you so much to these people and sorry that i did not reconize you at an earlier date. a quite excellent Xena and so much more page..

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