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Ten Little Warlords

Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange
Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange

In this episode the gorgeous Hudson Leick has a huge part, however...Callisto does not. Xena is still in Callisto's body, but we all know she'll do just about anything to get out...and now... Ten Little Warlords

Xena is now stuck in Callisto's body, and she does NOT like it. So who could help her change her body back? One came to about the God that helped Callisto change them in the first place. Ares, the God of War. But that is impossible.

You see, Ares lost his God hood. So he strikes a deal with Xena. Get him his godhood back and he would change her back into her body. Callisto had recieved an invitation the night before from the so called God of War, but of course it was not the real Ares who sent the messege, nor was it the real Callisto who recieved the message. So Ares & Xena find a warlord who also recieved one of these invitataions...not hard to do, 10 invitattions were given out, so all they did was steal someones. But how do the people react to the God of War losing his godhood? They don't know, but it effects them. People who hardly ever have experienced true anger, are going crazy. Reguar people are fighting, while those who have learned to channel they're anger, such as warlords, or Xena, are calmer and more aware of they're surroundings.

So now Ares and Xena join the rest of the warlords on a boat. A message sent by "Ares" is waiting for them. A contest is to be held. The winner will become the new God of War because suposedly Ares wants to retire. Now, where is the REAL Callisto you ask? Simple. A small small part does she actually have, she is seen in the fire in Tartarus, enjoying her torture for the rest of eternity. So all those great role models are on the boat. A warlord who knows about Callisto's hate for Xena, decides to tell "Callisto" a great story about the time he beat Xena, real bad. She answers with, "I heard she broke your belt with her chakram and you ran away with your rear showing..." He then makes a threatening gesture to her, she hisses and he says "Some day...." and walks away.

"Some day..."
So they all get to this neat little island where they will all compete for the right to be the new God of War. When they enter the building where they will all be staying guess who shows up...the God of War..well he welcomes everyone and introduces Ares, the REAL God of War. So now all that was left was to defete this horrid monster...then you would become the next God of War. How did they know who would get to go first? They drew numbers from a hat. "Callisto" got number one. But, no one seemed to want to wait that long...dead bodies would show up and moments later someone would come and pull their knife from they're back and say something like: "So thats where I left this thing..." it got to where Callisto (Xena) and Ares, who were of course fighting together, and two other warlords were left... Meanwhile Gabbrielle and Joxer were searching for the monster to kill...Joxer of course kills it!! But did he really kill it? You see it was just a big stone face with a fan for a mouth, thats what was creating its roar. So before Xena and Ares get to fight these guys, one kills the other and so its a fairly easy fight.

So all that is needed now, is for Xena to claim the sword, for she figured out where it was hidden, and then she would become the new God/Goddess of War...then the imposter God of War would be set free from Tartarus..(all these people trying to get out of Tartarus, must be some kind of spa...) well right before she tells Ares to claim it..(and I really had to put this in...) Joxer and Gabbrielle show up, Joxer claims that he killed the great beast..and then says "Joxer! The new God of War! You may bow..." (hehe, sorry.) so then Ares reclaims his sword, and everything is hunky dorey again. But then Gabby reminds Ares of his promise to return Xena to her real body. He says something like "Oh yeah i did say that didn't i.." and then disappears. We next see Xena and Gabby walking on a beach. Xena is explaining to Gabby that there are worse things to be trapped in compared to Callisto's goddess like body. Gabby asks what..Xena answers with "A snake haired gorgan monster" then Gabby is walking alone. Xena has stopped for some reason...Gabby looks back at her companion and sees that its Xena, in her body once prove that it is really her, she must tell her the snake haired gorgan monster thing, personally i think she was just jealous of Cally's body :)

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