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Return Of Callisto

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In this Episode we see revenge in its purest form. Callisto takes aim to kill Xena once again, but Xena has a slightly different plan. Enjoy!

Callisto and her army are now put into prison. But not only is Callisto in a cell, she is also locked into a chair. Her arms legs and head are strapped down so she cannot move. On comes the guard. Its feeding time and he's showing a new guard the ropes. He shows him how to feed all the prisoners and stuff. Then they get to Callisto's cell. He explains how she is to be fed and to never let her out of that chair. He sticks the food on a pole and places it inside the cell and then remarks, "What do you say?" Callisto answers with "I say I am going to make you squeal like a pig before i kill you" He gets all pissed off and enters the cell and begins to beat her. While in the process of doing so, she steals his dagger. Then when he's all done he asks "What do you say?" she answers with "Thank you"

Later that night all the guards are gambling. Callisto cuts herself away from the chair and picks the lock. She comes out and kills all the guards. She then releases Theodoris and tells him to release all the prisoners. The healthy ones would become her new army, the sick ones were to be killed. And, get the chair. hehe. So Cally and her army go back to the same old stuff. Burning villiges ect. Xena stumbles onto they're lil operation again and helps out. Not only is Gabbrielle with her but so is Perdicus, who by the way, just proposed to Gabby, who hasn't answered yet. So they start helping when Xena finds Cally. Cally pulls out a knife and throws it at a little girl. Xena dives, catching the knife and saving the girl. Callisto then draws her sword and comes up behind the Warrior Princess. She explains to Xena that she will kill her shortly, but first she is going to kill her soul, just as Xena did to hers. Then she runs off. Perdicus kills a man, and feels real bad about it. He tells Gabbrielle that he can't go on like this anymore and that he's going home, and if she doesn't want to go with him and marry him that thats ok, and he will think of her the same way. But she goes. So the two get married. But they're happiness will not last long.

The next morning they are outside sucking face, making marry, whatever. Then guess who arrives. You guessed it, our heroine. Callisto. "Oh love love love love love! Oh your right, it joins us. And hate devides. Lets see which one is stonger shall we?" Inquires Callisto as she jumps off her horse. Perdicus replys to her with "What do you want? We are unarmed." "Good that'll make things easier!" She then cuts his arm and kicks him out of her way. She prances over to Gabbrielle and kicks her down. Then exclaims "Nighty Night!" as she raises her sword over her head. But before she brings it down, along comes Xena. They fight a little. Callisto then runs over to the raising Perdicus and runs her sword through his chest. She hops on her horse and says "That'll do!!" and then rides off. Gabbrielle is then over come with hatred towards Callisto. She tells Xena to teach her how to use a sword. Although Xena kinda does, Gabbrielle doesn't stand a chance against the Warrior Queen. That night, Xena, Gabbrielle, and Joxer stake out Cally's place. Everyone is getting drunk and good stuff like that. Theodoris asks Callisto if she would like to have a drink, she of course does not. She then asks him if he is falling in love with her. "What if I am?" he asks. "Then I'd have to kill you. Love is a trick nature plays to get us to reproduce, I want no part of it." The next morning, Gabbrielle goes into Callys place, without even telling Xena. She raises her sword up to Cally's throat, but then she rembers things she has said and realized she could not kill her. She dropped the sword waking Theodoris and Callisto. So the trap was set for Xena.

Later Xena snuck in but the sleeping army was not sleeping anymore, only pretending. When she was in the middle of all of them the jumped up and captured her, Gabbrielle was already captured and tied up. They put Xena in the chair that Cally was already locked in once. Then she ordered that Gabbrielle be light up. They lighted the fire at her feet. When in comes a true hero! Joxer!!!!!! hehe. But as Callisto was toying with him, Xena was able to get her chakram back, and cut herself loose. She and Gabbrielle fought Callisto's army as Cally just watched smiling the whole time. Then Cally and Xena fought a little. Callisto said "Looks like we're at a stand still good are you at charriots?" They ran out to the charriots and took off. Xena chasing Callisto, managed to get along next to her...Callisto's charriot had the spikes on the wheels though, and tore up Xena's, but before all was lost, Xena used a whip to get on to Callisto's charriot. where they fought a little and eventually, knocked themselves off. Off and down into a pit of quick sand. Xena pulled out her chakram, threw it and got it stuck in a log, then used her whip to pull herself out. Callisto begged Xena to save her. Xena was having no part of it. Callisto died.

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