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A Necessary Evil

Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange
Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange

In this episode we see the Immortal Callisto, become the Goddess Callisto. This is, in my opinion, the best Xena:Warrior Princess Episode to date..prepare the popcorn boys n girls, this heres a good'n. A Necessary Evil

So we then see Callisto stuck in the ruined Temple of the Gods. She is immortal now and doesn't have much need for food. She's talking to a rat, calling it her "Little Hercules" and telling it to "run away..Run away.." She takes her knife and kills it :) Meanwhile Xena just recently back from the dead is in the camp fo the Amazon Women. The passing of the crown of the leader of the Amazon women is going on, Gabbrielle is passing it to Ephany. Who was the rightful leader though? Velaska, who has just died, or so everyone thinks. Velaska shows up and what does she have? Ambrosia. She eats it, and since she's alive, she becomes a god. (Goddess)

So now Xena is in trouble. Well not so much Xena, but Gabbrielle definatly is. You see if it wasn't for Gabbrielle, Velaska would have been made Queen of the Amazons. But she wasn't and now she's pissed off about it. Time for revenge. Xena realizes that Velaskas powers are still very weak, and so they have a little bit of time to save the day. But how do you fight a god? With another god. Who are they going to call on? Well Gabbrielle suggests Hercules, but that wouldnt work it would take too long to find him, and you know theres no way Ares would help them. So who do they call on? the near by, trapped immortal, Callisto Gabby still holding a grudge on her for killing her hubby wants no part of it, but they have no choice. So, they are off to find Callisto.

So Xena and Gabby go and find the temple. Xena tells Gabby to pull up the rope after Xena gets off it and not to let it down till she whistles two times. So Xena goes down and pulls out her sword and starts looking for Callisto. Next thing we hear is a small whisper saying "Xeeeennaa..." Then Callisto jumps out of the shaddows and Xena and the Warrior Queen fight a little bit. Xena pulls out her chakram and says that she may not be able to kill Callisto but she could do some damage. They strike a deal, Xena explains that they need Cally's help to stop Velaska who is getting stronger by the moment. Callisto asks whats in it for her? Ambrosia. We see that fermiliar twinkle in Cally's eye. So the whistle blows twice. The rope is lowered and Callisto climbs out and is followed by Xena. Gabbrielle asks if Xena is ok. She says yes and then Callisto answers "I'm great too. Of course you don't care much for me. So. How have you been? Any new husbans since the last one i killed?"

Callisto then kinda explains what its like to be imortal. No worries about dying and good stuff like that. She makes an example of her self. She pulls out her sword and stabs it into her stomach. Then she pulls it out. No harm done.

So now Callisto explains that before the go searching for Velaska, the Goddess of Chaos, they'd make a short stop in a village. When they did, Xena confessed her crimes of when she was bad. And how she burned Callisto's villige to the ground killing almost everyone. (Callisto lived of course) So they take off again. Velaska is being hunted. That night Gabbrielle talks to Callisto. "Can I ask you something?" "Sure, we all know how much I love chit chat." "When Xena confessed how did you feel?" "Are you trying to figure me out? I'm flattered." "Answer me, or are you afraid?" "Lets play a game shall we? I'll answer your question if you answer mine. Hmmm? (nod from Gabby) What did I feel when Xena confessed her crimes...well the truth is Gabbrielle I don't feel much of anything, I mean bits and peices here and there but nothing solid. Imagine back to when you were a little girl. And all your faith was put into your mother and your sister. Now kill turn. When I sliced open your husban, how long did it take him to die?" Gabby then ran away crying while Callisto laughed. hehehehehe.

So they set a trap for Velaska. Down in a canyon with loose rocks above. Callisto is to fight her and Xena breaks loose the rocks, Velaska is trapped, everythings hunkey dorey. Well no such luck. Callisto jumps out and starts talking to Velaska. She tries to explain whats going on, how she wants to kill Xena and Velaska wants Gabby, fair right? but Velaska has no part of it and knocks Cally out of the way. The trap is set. Xena was expecting it. But Velaska gets a good hold on Xena, but before any damage can be done Callisto interveins and lets Velaska know that you don't just kill Callisto and go on with your buisness. And also no kills Xena except her. So Velaska is wasted, her energy is gone. She moves into place. The Chakram flies and the rocks come down on top of her. She trapped, but shes too strong now, and she wont be trapped for long. Xena, Gabbrielle, and Callisto take off.

So now they make it to the edge of a volcano. Xena decides the best thing to do would be to trap Velaska in the volcano. And why not. Secretly she tells Gabby that she hopes to get Callisto and Velaska fighting and they both fall into the volcano. So how do they lure Velaska? They need bait. Callisto suggests Gabbrielle, thats who shes after anyways. A good idea, no? NO! Do we want Callisto trapped?? HELL NO! but anyways.......So Velaska shows up, but shes a tornado type deal. Shes spinning around, but soon looses power again and then chases after Gabbrielle Callisto and Xena are waiting. A bride is strung over the volcano and Gabby starts to cross. When Xena and Cally show up. Xena points to the small pouch on Velaskas belt. Inside is Callisto's god hood. So Callisto does a neat lil fight move. Velaska proclaims "This is getting old." and She and Cally fight a bit when Callisto steals her ambrosia. She then eats a peice of it making her a Goddess. The Goddess of Evil, hence the name of the page.

So, Callisto is now a goddess. But thats not the end of the story. She and Velaska fight. The bridge breaks sending them both into the lava, where they remain trapped. Well Xena and Gabbrielle make it to saftey and everything is great. Gabby asks Xena if she thinks Callisto is sorry for the things she has done. Xena answers with "NO!!" and Gabby says she does, its the only way she could forgive her.