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Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange
Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange

This episode was by far the hardest episode to obtain pictures of. This episode was a Hercules: The Legendary Journie ep, and that was the main reason it was hard to find pictures. However i did here is "Suprise" from Hercules: The Legendary Journies

So now our favorite character, Callisto is dead. We see her in Tartarus, shes screaming, for this isn't much to do in Tartarus, just the same old torture. Suddenly, a voice is heard, it says "Poor Callisto, such rage unfulfilled..." Stunned, Callisto jumps to her feet asking whos there...the voice goes on saying "Your crusades against vivrant!" Callisto figures out who the voice is. Hera. So she asks her if she is afraid to show her ugly face...Hera however, never shows her face but just her Hera explains to Callisto that she will grant her one more day of life, AND a chance at imortality...if she were to complete one task. Callisto says "What do I have to do?" Hera's answer, kill her bastard son. Hercules. Not a simple task for any mere mortal, but for Callisto it simple as pie. So she excepts Hera's invitation. Meanwhile..its good ol Hercules' birthday, and his family and friends are throwing a party, a suprise one, but he knows..what he doesnt know its Callisto is about to show up and ruin his day..

So Callisto shows up saying she is a widow that saved her and her childs life. Herc's family invites her in. She, well, spikes the punch. She puts in a drug that makes people go mad, and eventually kill themselves. It can be cured by only one thing. The fruit from the tree of life. Callisto can be made imortal by only one thing, fruit from the tree of life. So Hercules shows up, everyone is passed out and Callisto welcomes Hercules with one simple comment. "Suprise!" So Cally explains the little prediciment to Herc and they leave. Off to find the tree of life. So as they get ready to enter the temple they must figure out a simple riddle..and who does it? No, not Callisto...Hercules does. So they enter and our favorite villiness decides she needs a drink of water. She's not doing too good though. Concidering the fact that she is still kinda DEAD maybe shes not doing that bad after all...but Hercules helps her out and pulls up the bucket from the well and Cally gets her drink of water.

Meanwhile back at Herc's home, everyone is waking up..but something is wrong. Iolus thinks he is being chased by a really old Iolus, who is trying to kill him. Jason is kinda just running around with his sword and treatening everyone..well mostly Iolus. Herc's brother has come to a conclusion that he hates Hercules and they're mother. He is also trying to kill the cook. The cook is suposedly making food, but when you look into the bowls..theres nothing there. And Hercules' mother is talking to Hercules..or so she thinks..this Hercules is telling her that he is dead, its her fault and to follow him to the other side.

Back in the temple of the gods Callisto takes a wrong turn..and ends up getting taken up into these vines where she is being strangled and such..Hercules is franticly trying to find Callisto and help her. All the while she is screaming "Hercules..if I die, your friends die too!!"

Hercules finally saves Callisto in the nick of time and they are back on the trail. One thing you gotta love about Callisto is she does a great job mentally torturing her companions. She manages to piss Hercules off pretty bad. She tells him they are very much alike, he denies the fact..saying she is alone, trapped in her hatred. She kinda threatens his wife and kids (who are in Tartarus). He throws her up into a wall and she replies with "Now who is alone trapped in their hatred?" Finally they reach the end of they're journey. Callisto explains that they need to go right. Hercules does. Suddenly a door with spikes on it begins to close. Herc catches it. Barely saving himself. Callisto, figuring Hercules is done for says "Hera, Hercules kept his end of the deal now keep yours." A door opens and what appears?? The Tree of Life! Callisto takes a bite from the fruit and is saved.

However she's not only saved..shes immortal. Hercules isnt quite done for yet though...but his friends appear to be as Cally lights the tree on fire. But Herc manages to get away from the door and grab the only not burning fruit. But Callisto informs Hercules that hes too late, he'd never find his way out in time..but because he's Hercules he left a trail of oil and he lights it up to make a path. But not to discourage you all. Callisto puts up a fight. The two fight untill Hercules throws Callisto into the burning tree. The door to the room is shutting fast and both are in danger of being locked in.

Callisto begins to cry. She says to Hercules "Please...I can't see..please don't leave me here.." And being the all around great guy Hercules is, he goes back to help Callisto. He gets close to her, she turns toward him and gives him a good kick. He then turns runs away and gets out in the nick of time.

Herc then returns to his home, and feeds everyone the apple just in time to save them all. But now Callisto is immortal. Trapped, but immortal. Now Xena will really have good reason to fear her.

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