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Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange
Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange

Callisto..what can you say about her? a crazy psycho killer will do nice. But completely sane..its all the same thing. At least she has her goals. In this, the first episode featuring Heidi Hudson Leick as Callisto--we learn about Callisto's past, why she hates Xena, and how she plans on making Xena pay. And now with out any more waiting..."Callisto"...... Callisto appears to us first as the leader of an army that is destroying a villige. She spares one person their life, and a message. She is Xena. Word begins to spread as she continues on with her raiding. However, Xena does not know a thing...yet. While resting Xena is attacked. And then she first hears word of her good name being used. So, she leaves to find out who is using her name. While searching, Xena and Gabby come across Joxer. He asks to join them. They refuse him. Not long after that, Xena and Gabby come across a villige being raided. Of course, they stop to help. There, Xena finally meets Callisto. Though she doesn't reconize her. Xena was busy throwing her chakram around untill Callisto cought it. Then, she mocked Xena saying "You want it? Come and get it."

And then they fight. Callisto eventually gives Xena a hint to who she is by saying "Do you remember Cirra?". Then she leaves. Xena is now confused. She does not know who Callisto is yet. So she uses her little pressure point moves on Theodoris to get information about Callisto. Theodoris tells Xena all of Callisto's plans. But what Xena doesnt know is Callisto had planned this happening, and was using Theodoris as a pawn. Later Theodoris makes it back to Callisto where she is training with her army, though it was no challenge to her to fight her men. Theodoris tells Callisto what happened. Callisto smiles, and is pleased...things are working out just as she had planned. Then Joxer shows up. He begs Callisto to let him into her army. She tells him that if he can capture Gabby, he may join. He leaves to capture Gabby, and really make a name for himself. Callisto realizes exactly how this will help her. Joxer will cause more problems for Xena, therefore making her task of murdering the oricle easy, she has Xena's chakram, and everything is setting up perfectly. The next day Callisto is off on a quest to kill the oricle, and Xena is prepared to stop her. Gabby and Xena split up to try to find Callisto before anything bad happens. Gabby is destracted guessed it, Joxer. But, of course, Gabby beats the hell out of Joxer...a simple task for anyone. Callisto is ready to kill, but alas, the chakram never hits its target. Thanks to Xena. Callisto then knows things are bad...and takes off. Xena chases after her.

Xena, of course catches her. And then takes her back to the villige, where she was to be tried for her crimes. So, Cally is just sittin around in prison, torturing Xena who is on guard, ever possible moment. But angry villigers light the jail on fire. Callisto escapes, captures Gabby, and rides off. Xena is traped in the fire, but does a classic Xena type moves and like runs up the walls to get out. And she is too late for Callisto is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile at Callisto's camp, Joxer shows up. Callisto tells him there is only one way he can prove his worth to her. She tells him to cut Gabbys throat. But alas, Joxer being the all around nice guy he is....can't do it. So Cally ties them both up. Later Xena shows up to save Gabby, who is tied up hanging, and there between Callisto and Xena, they have they're famous latter fight scene. Xena of course prevails as the winner, & saves Gabbriel. Callisto though, When the ladder was being removed from underneith her jumped up and grabbed on to what was left of the burning rope. Theodoris pulled the rope away from the fire. Callisto ordered him to put it back. He did. But as the rope snapped and Callisto fell, Xena grabbed it and saved Callisto. So now Callisto and her army are captured. But they would live to see another day.

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