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The Bitter Suite

The Bitter Suite, well mostly.. here is a collection of stuff about it.. i mean, Callisto didn't really have a huge role so its really not that important, just had to list it, well, just cause.. every episode counts right? And now, a breif breif, Bitter Suite...

You see, Xena is quite upset with Gabrielle for if you remember it was Gabrielles fault that Xena's son, Solen, died.. Well, Xena is off exploring her feelings and as you can see, Ares desides to help make things easier for her.. Yadda yadda yadda, he tells her shes gotta kill Gabby..

So Callisto hears out Gabby and tells her Xena is comming right? Well, being as how this episode is mainly about Xena and Gabby, we dont care. :)
So Xena drags Gabby to a cliff and they both fall off... the conflict has come to a point where SOMETHING must be done!!
They Die.
So.. they both go to Elesian Feilds.. Still with me? (I warned you it'd be breif).. so who is the muse to help Xena to her destiny? Our Goddess of course...

So Xena all decides what she has to do and Callisto, though not really Callisto sends her on her merry way where she is met by Ares and then things escalate to battle once again.. Xena kills Gabby.. yadda yadda.. they sing together, cry together, and end up alive again.. all better.. isnt that.. Suite?