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National Homeland Security Knowledgebase

We hope that all security professionals are being ever vigillant in thier duites in this time of alert. Please spread your professionalism & do your duties to the best of your abilites, so that people who depend on or services and expertise will be safe from the many threats that we all face.  J.R's also extends their heart felt condolences to those who lost friends or loved ones in the September 11th Attacks. We recently added a section for Homeland Security and are constantly focusing on updating our terrorism sections. 
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This site is intended to provide a comprehensive resource for the "Security Professional" in all catagories of the field, but not limited to the following; Executive Protection, Contract Security, Security Managers, Investigators, Military Force Protection, Loss Prevention Specialist,Intelligence Specialist, DOD & DOE Security Officers, Law Enforcement Officers and anyone interested in the security field. We always encourage feedback whether positive or negative. Read more...More

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Reconstruction is now complete. We gave everything a little face lift. Please give any feedback possible by e-mailing the webmaster.


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LAST UPDATED:  11-09-02

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