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1. General. The threat conditions (FPCONs) outlined below describe the progressive level of a terrorist threat to all US military facilities and personnel under DOD Directive O-2000.12. As approved by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the terminology and definitions are recommended security measures designed to ease inter-Service coordination and support of US military antiterrorism activities. The purpose of the FPCON system is accessibility to, and easy dissemination of, appropriate information. The declaration, reduction, and cancellation of FPCONs remain the exclusive responsibility of the commanders specified in the order. Although there is no direct correlation between threat information (e.g., Intelligence Summaries, Warning Reports, and Spot Reports) and FPCONs, such information, coupled with the guidance provided below, assists commanders in making prudent FPCON declarations. FPCONs may also be suffixed with the geographic area deemed at risk. Once a FPCON is declared, the selected security measures are implemented immediately. NOTE: When used in antiterrorism plans, recommend that the information contained in this appendix be marked "For Official Use Only" (FOUO) in accordance with DOD Regulation 5400.7-R, October 1990. The DOD Directive O-2000.12 recommended measures are: 

BLUE =  FPCON (formerly THREATCON) Definitions
WHITE = Standard Measures to be taken by Military
                 Members and Families

FPCON NORMAL Applies when there is no discernible terrorist activity. Under these conditions, only a routine security posture, designed to defeat the routine criminal threat, is warranted. The minimum FPCON for U.S. Army commands is NORMAL.

This means that there is a general threat of possible terrorist activity, but requires a routine security posture. 
1. Maintain awareness, secure areas when not in use (lock vehicle doors), maintain positive control of identification. 
2. Be aware of anti-government demonstrations in local villages (avoid large crowds). 

FPCON ALPHA Applies when there is a general threat of possible threat activity against personnel and/or installations, the nature and extent of which is unpredictable, and circumstances do not justify full implementation of FPCON BRAVO measures. However, it may be necessary to implement certain measures from higher FPCONs resulting from intelligence received or as a deterrent. Commands must be capable of maintaining FPCON ALPHA measures indefinitely, with only limited impact on normal operations.

This means that the general threat is still out there, however, the nature and extent of an incident are unpredictable. 
1. Continue the practices implemented in NORMAL. 
2. Have your spouse explain what the THREATCON really means. 
3. Practice good common sense crime prevention techniques. 
4. Don't allow unidentified persons into your quarters and know where your children are. 
5. Pay attention to AFN television/radio and keep emergency telephone numbers available. 

FPCON BRAVO Applies when an increased or more predictable threat exists. Commanders must be capable of maintaining the measures of this FPCON for several weeks without causing undue hardship to personnel, substantially affecting operational capabilities, or aggravating relations with local authorities and members of the local civilian or host nation community. In addition to the measures required by FPCON ALPHA, the following measures will be implemented.

This means we have a better idea of what the threat is.  Do not panic.  The THREATCON can be in effect for long periods of time. 
1. Continue previous implemented practices. 
2. Do not panic, there is no immediate danger. Be more vigilant than normal. Follow up on feelings you may have about things "not being right." 
3. Expect delays when entering the installation and facilities. Plan accordingly and have identification readily available. 
4. Inform your children that they need to be especially alert to strangers. If contacted, have them tell you about it immediately. 
5. Make sure your children understand whatever measures their schools might have implemented. 
6. Make sure your children carry some type of identification. 
7. Don't accept home deliveries unless you are expecting them. 
8. Check vehicle for any signs of tampering. 
9. Tune in to AFN television/radio for information updates. 
10. Consider conducting personal business in one trip, preferably during daylight. 
11. Family members should carry sponsor's work telephone number and home telephone number. 

FPCON CHARLIE Applies when an incident occurs or intelligence indicates some form of threat action against personnel and/or facilities is imminent. Implementation of FPCON CHARLIE measures for more than a short period probably will create hardships for personnel and affect the peacetime activities of units and personnel.

This means that something has happened which indicates that a terrorist action against personnel/installation is looming.  Most support facilities will be closed (BX DoDDS, etc.). 
1. Continue all implemented practices. 
2. If you are in your quarters, stay put. If children are outside, bring them in. 
3. Do not rush to schools, day care centers, etc.. Contact these facilities telephonically and they will advise you when/how to pick up your children. 
4. Follow action plans published by Child Development Centers and schools to know disposition of children. 
5. If you are in a facility which draws large crowds, such as the commissary, leave in an orderly but expeditious manner. Return to your quarters. 
6. Public facilities (BX, Commissary, etc) will post instructions for customers and patrons in case of THREATCON change. 
7. If travel is necessary, go with a friend. Let someone know where you are going and how long it should take you. 
8. Immediately report anything unusual to the security forces. 
9. Be prepared to evacuate if necessary (passports, funds, etc.). 
10. Tune to AFN radio for updates/information. 

FPCON DELTA Implementation applies in the immediate area where a threat attack has occurred or when intelligence indicates terrorist action against a specific location is likely. Implementation of FPCON DELTA normally occurs for only limited periods of time over specific, localized areas. Commands cannot sustain FPCON DELTA for extended periods without causing significant hardships for personnel and substantial reductions in capability to perform normal peacetime missions.

This means that a terrorist attack has occurred or a terrorist action against a specific location or persons is likely to occur. 
1. Follow guidance (AFN, Giant Voice systems, your spouse's unit, etc.). 
2. Keep emergency numbers readily available. 
3. Remain calm. Keep telephone lines open. 
4. Do not accept any deliveries to your home.

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