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DOD Definition: 1. The product resulting from the collection,processing, integration, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of available  information concerning foreign countries or areas. 2. Information and knowledge about an adversary obtained through observation, investigation, analysis, or understanding. 

This definition gives a broad meaning to the term and there are several different definitions from other agencies. There are many different types of intelligence collection methods and categories. Such as Open Source Intelligence, Human , Imagery, Nuclear, Scientific, Signal, Communications, Tactical, Competitive. The number is much larger and growing 

This website in itself is a source of "Open Source Intelligence" because it offers resources for more open resources, which enables you to collect data on a subject which may be analyzed, interpreted and processed into valuble intelligence or knowledge.


DOD Definition: Identifying, penetrating and neutralizing foreign intelligence or any "adversaries" activities directed against a country's national interests, values and objectives. How do you spell it? The official US Government spelling is all one word: Counterintelligence. To learn more about Intelligence & Counterintelligence you can search the links listed below. We highly reccomend the 
The Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies.

OPSEC Support Staff(IOSS)
The Centre for C.I & Security Studies
Mario's CyberSpace Station
Prevention & Control
Force Protection for Families Abroad
U.S Army Intelligence Online
Fedaration of American Scientist
Dictionary of U.S Naval Fighting Ships 
Global Security. Org
National Counterintelligence Center
Terrorist & Insurgent Organizations
Central Intelligence Agency
National Intelligence Council
Justice Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Treasury Department 
National Security Agency
Defense Intelligence Agency
National Reconnaissance Office
National Imagery and Mapping
Air Force Intelligence
Army Intelligence
Naval Intelligence 
Marine Corps Intelligence
Department of State
Department of Energy
Coordinator for Counterterrorisim
Foreign Terrorist Organizations
Intelink Engineering Board
Interagency OPSEC Support Staff
Geospatial and Imagery Standards
Center for the Study of Intelligence
Security Policy Board)
National Security Issues Response 
Senate Select Committee on Intell
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco
Drug Enforcement Administration
Defense Security Service
Granite Island Group
Federation of American Scientist
The Pentagon
National Counter Intelligence Center
Natl. Infrastructure Protection Center
Office of Nonproliferation and National Security/Department of Energy
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Defense Security Service Office
Bureau of Diplomatic Security:Counter-Terrorism
U.S Secret Service
Natnl Drug Intelligence Center at DOJ
Office of Naval Research
US National War College
Pres. Foreign Intelligence Advisory 
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Natnl Counter Intelligence Executive
INTELLIGENCE (International)  INTELLIGENCE (International) INTELLIGENCE (International)
Australian Justice Studies:
Australian Defence Intelligence Organ
Australian Defence Signals Direct
Australian Inspector-General of Intelligence Australian Secret Intelligence Service
Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Australian Maritime Intelligence Center
Brit Foreign and Commonwealth
British Security Service
Canadian Communications Security Establishment [Commissioner's Site]
Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch Association [Intelligence Notebook
Canadian Intelligence Community
Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
Iraqi Intelligence
Canadian Security Intelligence
Canadian Forces College
Canadian Forces School
Natl. Security Service Report, (pdf)
Intelligence Stratégique (in French)
German Bundesamt fuer Verfassungsschutz  Counterintel
German Bundesnachrichtendienst
German Militärischer Abschirmdienst
Italian Intelligence Security Service
Jordanian General Intelligence Dept
New Zealand Government Communications SB
New Zealand: "Securing Our Nation's 
German Security Services
Spanish Intelligence
Japanese Intelligence Services
Russian Language Site on Intelligence
China Defense Links
Portuguese Security and Info Service
Russian Language Site(English
Russian Intelligence)
Russian Foreign Intelligence
South Korean Intelligence -- unofficial)
Spanish Intelligence>>English version
Swedish Intelligence and Security
Turkish National Intelligence Organ
U.K National Intelligence Machinery
U.K Government Communications Hqts
U.K Comm.-Electronics Security Group
Canadian Security and Intelligence (pdf format Canadian Security Intelligence Service
CSIS Public Reports
Chinese Security Homepage
Japanese Intelligence Services
Palestinian Intelligence Community
Japan's Underworld Empire
China Defense Links
CIA Maps & Publications
PSI - Japan's Spy Agency Exposed
Cloak and Dagger Book Store
Cold War Museum
CIA-SEAL-Special Forces/Intelligence
Submarines of the World 
IntelWeb - Intelligence Watch Report
Intelligence Resources
Australia Defence Association
Virtual Underground World of Spies and Intelligence
Naval Intelligence Professionals
Canadian Military Intelligence Assoc
Associ of Former Intelligence Officers
Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies
Army Intel Center at Fort Huachuca
Library of Congress Country Studies
Canadian Security Intelligence Service (2000 Public Report)
Canadian Solicitor Gen.Statement toSupport U.S
Nathanson Centre
PM Intelligence
Directory of Investigative Professionals
The Spy Depot
The Codex Surveillance Newsletter
Classified National Security Information Handbook
UK Spy Cases
Soviet SpiesSpies 1945-1990IC21: The Intelligence Community in the 21st Century
Preparing for the 21st Century: An Appraisal of U.S. Intelligence
7 Pillars Partners Open Source Resources
International Affairs.Com
Rongstad's Worldwide Military Links
FBI FOIA Reading Room
TSM - All Source
US ArmyFM 34-60
US Army Draft
FM 34-7-1
CI/H SASO Operations
14th MI Tac 
MCWP 2-14Counterintelligence
Teaching Intelligence - Getting Started
Global Security Complex
Improvised Tech in Counter-Intelligence Apps.
Loyola University Strategic 
Intelligence Homepage
Country Profiles
World Governments
Defense Security Service
Intelligence Online
CounterIntelligence Briefings
Cold War Espionage
Resources on Russia
Cryptography--Industry Canada
American Intelligence Study Group
US National War College
The Pentagon
U.S. Intelligence Agencies - National Counterintelligence Center (NCC)
IntelWeb: Intelligence Communities by Country
British Security Service (official)
Chinese Security Homepage
LEANALYST Mailing List
U.S. Dept of Commerce Bueau of Export Control 
 Intelligence Association
WHY SPY? The Uses and Misuses of Intelligence 
Sun Tzu and the Art of Business
Commercial Intel & Industrial Espion

A personal note from the editor.
J.R's Global Security Resource does not advocate Espionage, Terrorism (foreign or domestic) and Intelligence Collection directed towards the United States Government, the Private Sector. This site has been published as a learning & information resource for Security Professionals whos goal is to educate themselves on the subjects and  threats that are posed to Americans our allies and our businesses.




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