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Letter and Package Bomb 


  • Restrictive Markings such as Confidential, Personal, etc. 
  • Handwritten or Poorly Typed Addresses 
  • Excessive Securing Material such as Masking Tape, String, etc. 
  • Excessive Postage 
  • Incorrect Titles 
  • Titles but no Names 
  • Misspellings of Common Words 
  • Oily Stains or Discolorations 
  • No Return Address 
  • Excessive Weight 
  • Rigid Envelope 
  • Lopsided or Uneven Envelope 
  • Protruding Wires or Tin Foil 
  • Visual Distractions 
  • Foreign Mail, Air Mail and Special  Delivery 




  • Never accept mail, especially packages, at your home in a foreign country. 
  • Make sure family members and clerical staff know to refuse all unexpected mail at home or office. 
  • Remember: It May Be A Bomb. Treat it as suspect. 

It is NOT the intent of this website to assist, in any way, those that would engage in violent or dangerous acts. The above pictures are provided to assist emergency responders in identifying potentially deadly devices. These items, and many others of more sophisticated design -- have been used to build improvised explosive devices (IEDS) -- and to carry out criminal and terrorist acts. 

                                                                               Information Compiled from the FBI & SPAWAR

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