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"J.R's Global Security Resource" is for educational, entertainment and research purposes only. 

Although some information, graphics and link compilations are copyright protected, most material is public domain.
Any information found through browsing this site should not be used for illegal means or actions. 

The publishers of J.R's do not assume any responsibility for the information found in the links contained within. Information contained within these pages does not necessarily represent the opinions of J.R's. 

Although J.R's Global Security Resource may recommend a site for review of information or services. J.R's does not specifically endorse any of the products or opinions of any of the linked pages or information contained within.

Any questions or comments about individual webpages that are listed within J.R's should be directed to their respective owners. We assume no liability for any misuse or misconduct of the information contained within or linked to J.R's Resources.

We simply provide links and occasional commentary on subjects that pertain to individuals and security disciplines.  J.Rís is not sponsored by any governmental agencies and does not wish to represent itself as such.

In the future of the addition of a message board, we ask that all professionals who use it as a communication tool remember to practice OPSEC. 

Discussions of a proprietary or classified nature are prohibited. Topics of this nature will be reported immediately to the appropriate agency.

All information contained within or linked to J.R's Global Security Resource has been derived from what we believe to be, UNCLASSIFED sources. 



  • Our goal is to have a simple resource for Security Professionals to use in regards to their specific discipline of security.
  • To provide a consolidated place to come and find this information while minimizing extensive online research. 
  • J.R's Global Security Resource does not advocate acts of  Espionage,Terrorism (foreign or domestic) or intelligence collection directed towards the United States Government, and the Private Sector. 

  • This site has been published as a learning & information resource for Security Professionals who's goal is to educate themselves on the subjects, topics and threats that are posed to Americans. This includes our allies and our businesses.



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