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Updated: 03-10-02

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  DOD Contractor Security Personnel 
NISPOM  Changes
Executive Order 12958
Executive Order 12968
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DOD 101
Director of Central Intelligence Directives
Degausing Equipment
Computer Wiping Software
Warning Signs of Electronic Eavesdropping
Sargeant & Greenleaf Locking Mechanisims
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Use of Contract Bidding to illicit information
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Common Package Bomb Indicators
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 Security Industry Association
Joint Personnel Adjudicatican System [JPAS]
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Operations Security [OPSEC]
Technology Collection Trends in the U.S. Defense Industry
Investigations (OSI)
Int.Traffic in Arms Regulations 

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  • CHAPTER 1 - General Provisions And Requirements
  • CHAPTER 2 - Security Clearances (revised May 2000)
  • CHAPTER 3 - Security Training and Briefings
  • CHAPTER 4 - Classification and Marking
  • CHAPTER 5 - Safeguarding Classified Information (revised May 2000)
  • CHAPTER 6 - Visits and Meetings
  • CHAPTER 7 - Subcontracting
  • CHAPTER 8 - Automated Information System Security (revised May 2000)
  • CHAPTER 9 - Special Requirements
  • CHAPTER 10 - International Security Requirements
  • CHAPTER 11 - Miscellaneous Information
  • APPENDIX A - Cognizant Security Office
  • APPENDIX B - Foreign Equivalent Markings
  • APPENDIX C - Definitions
  • APPENDIX D - Acronyms
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 01L-2, March 2, 2001
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 01L-1
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 00L-1
  • Listing of the Industrial Security Regions and Field Offices
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 97-1
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 96L-2
  • Industrial Security Letter - International Issues
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 95L-3
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 95L-2
  • Industrial Security Letter ISL 95L-1


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