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Most of these links will direct you to uniformed security services. A lot of these companies also provide, consulting, threat survey, alarm systems applications, equipment, more resources and investigations. We encourage people to e-mail us new links so they can be added to this page.
A Few of J.R's Favorites
 Updated 11-09-02


Phone San Diego CA (619)990-8292

Metropolitan Protective Service
Portland, OR
Joshua Jeffery
Private Investigator
Executive Manager/Unarmed Instructor/Armed Officer

Vancouver and Lower Mainland
Ph: 604-306-9003   Fax: 604-944-6817
Victoria and Vancouver Island
Ph: 250-480-6440
North America Toll Free: 1-800-550-0344
Web:  or
Robert B. Jonatschick
Black Tower Security Services Ltd.
SA-Tech Inc.
Accurate Technologies
Pinkertons Inc.
GuardsMark Inc.
 Security Professionals Site
Wicklander-Zulawski & Assoc. (NEW)
Star Guards Security
Stargard Security Group
Statewide Security
Statewide Security Patrol
Stealth Security International L.L.C.
Stealth Security Services
Sterling Protective Services
Strategic Protection Group, Inc.
Sumitomo Workplace Violence
AAA security guards
Access Security Professionals
Advisory Protection Services UK
Akal Security
ALJEN Security Services
All mall security - by Valor Security Services
All State Guard Service, Inc.
Allcity Security Guard Service
Allied Security, Inc
All-In-One Solution: Orex Security Services American Protective Services
Apoint Security Bureau, Inc.
Armadillo Security Services Of Texas
Armed Security Services and Security Consulting
Armored Security, Inc.
Armored Security International, Inc
Atlanta Protective Associates: Changing the Face of Security
Bandsec International
Barton Protective Services
BC & SD Services
Bond Security Services, Inc.
Bowles Corporate Services, Inc.
Burns International Security Services
BV Security Inc.
California Security Inc
Cavalier Investigations
Cerberus III
Cerberus Security
Charter Security Ltd
Sentinel Security Services
Shield Protective Services
Shield Security, Inc
Shire Reeve Investigations/Security
cherokee protection
Chevron Guard Services
Ciszellers Oilfield Security
Classic Security Services
Close Personal Protection
CMP Protection Services
Colonial Security Service Inc.
Colorado Community Patrol
Constant Security Services
Construction Protective Guard Services
Copper Eagle Patrol & Security
Corporate Protection Professionals, Inc.
Corporate Protective Services
The Corps of Commissionaires
Covenant Protective Services.
Cravengrove Ltd, Security Services & Support
Crown Guarding Services
Cutty Protection and Security
Dallas Security, Inc.
David R Marks
Delta Security Services
Denver Security Services
Diplomatic Protection Services
Dog Guard Tactical Services (DGTS) - Police dog security services
Feick Security
Field Force Protective Services, Corp.
First Choice Security
First Choice Security Dallas Metropolitan Area
First Command Security Services
Five Star Protection inc.
Floyd -Total Security Solutions
Force One Security, Inc.
Ford Associates Security Ltd
Galahad Protective Services
Global Security Enterprises
Global Security Guide
Golden Armor Security
GrayWolf Inc. Protective Services
Guard Limousine
Guard Patrol Security Services
Guard Systems, Inc
Guardian Security Company
Guardian Security Services Limited
Harbour Beach Resort Security
Hart Protective Service
HMI Associates, Inc.
Holiday Coast Security Pty Ltd
24hr Guards UK
I-Corp Security Services Ltd.
Imperial Protective Service
Integrated Security International
Intercon Security
International Courier Services
International Security Services
InterScope Security Inc.
Interstate Protective Services, Inc.
Intracept Security Services
Inxtec Security International - Discrete, Professional Security
Ireland's Guardian Group Security
J.R. Gettier and Associates
K9 Security
M & M Security Specialists
Mann Security Services
Marshal Protective Agency
Martin Private Patrol
McRoberts Protective Agency, Inc.
Merchants Security Service of Dayton, Ohio Inc.
Metro Chicago Security
Viper Security Enforcement
VIP-Security Meusburger
Von Hargadain Breeding Kennells
Washington State Security
welcome to House Sitters UK
Welcome to Security America, Inc.
General Security Services Corporation
Welcome to the Home of Atech - High Quality Security Solutions
Whitehall Security Services Limited
Woodside Patrol
WSB & Associates - Security Services
1st Choice Security Leisure Services
1st guards security services
1st Guards Security Services UK
Tamaraw Group of Companies
K9 Security
K-9 Security International
Kaplan College security guard training classes
Katrantzos Security S.A.
Kentucky Protection & Patrol
Knight Armour Security
K-9s Unlimited Security Service
Lansdell Protective Agency, Inc.
Larry Malmberg
Latins Security
Leanguard Security
LION GUARD Security Services
The Listrom Corporation
Loss Control Security Services
Metro GuardProtection Services
Metropolitan Protective Service
Mighty Security Services, Ltd
Minuteman Security
Moling Security
Morrison Security Specializing in Labor Strikes.
National Loss Prevention
National Security Industries - Complete Protection Providers
North Force Security Ltd
Northampton Security Services
Off Duty Officers Inc
Off Limits UK Security
OLIVER security agency
On Location Security
Operation Corporate Training - Security Consulting
Operation Protective Services - OPS
Oregon and Washington Protective Services
Orex Security Services Inc.
OSS, Inc.
P & C Security Enforcement Services
P R Keyholding
Pacific Investigations and Security
Palladion Services - Security and Concierge Services
Patrol One
Peace Of Mind Personal Protection Consultants
Pennington International Security, Inc.
Pentagon Protective and Investigative Services
personal security / debt collection
Phoenix Security, Inc.
Physical Security Specialists, Inc.
Pimentel Private Security
pji security ltd offers manned patrol and guards for business security
Portland State University Public Safety and Security
PRC Security and Investigations, Background Investigations and Bodyguards
Premier Security Services Private Limited
Price Companies
Private Investigations, Executive Security (V.I.P/Dignitary)
Private Security Guard Response Services
Pro-Arm Security Services
Protect Security Services Ltd
Protection & Investigation Services, Corp.
Protective Services Group
Pro-Tex Security
A1 R4 Security Surveillance & Guarding Services Glasgow London Leeds Birmingham UK
Reliance Security
Rent-a-copz online!
Ronin Protection Services
Ronin Protective Services
Roster Management Limited - RoleCALL II
Royal Knights Security Service
Russian River Property Patrol
Sagittarius Investigations & Security Consultants
Scaife Protection Services
Secure Options Ltd.
Security Agency, Security Guards, Insurance Adjusters
Security Companies in Canada
Security Consultants Group, Inc. - SCG, Inc.
Security Forces, Inc. is  US-owned
Security Guard and Patrol Service Private Detective
Security Guard and Protection
Security, Guard dogs, K-9 Patrol | Royal Knights Riverside, CA. Security guards for industry
Security Guards Northampton
Security Issues - An open forum for security officers.
security manned guarding
Security Patrol Officers and Investigative Services
Security, searches, and investigations.
Security Service
security services - guard, patrol & response service
security services companies in india
A1 Security Services operating from London
Security Services Unlimited
Securityplus Uk manned guarding company offering security guards, mobile patrols and Keyholding
Sentinel K Inc
Shomer Enterprises, Inc.
Show Guards UK
Show Security Services
Sinclair Protective Services
Sirius Security Software
South West Rocks Security
Southwest Event Staff, Southwest Concert Security, special event security
Sovereign Security, Inc.
Spear Security
Specialist Security and Investigation Service
SSC Security and Investigations
S-Security Waterford Ireland
1st alert security services of cambridge welcome page
21st Century Security, Inc.
Trinity Executive Services, Inc.
TRITECH Associates Inc.
UK Exhibition and Conference Security Services
U.K. Security
UK Security Officers
Ultimate Event Security
Unique K-9
United International Investigative Services
United Services Inc - Security Services
Uptown Cleveland Security Corporation
US Security Associates, Inc.
Eaglewatch Security Limited
E&G Security Services UK
Euro UK Security Services
Event Security & Decoy Service
Executive Protection Institute
Ezecutive Protection Services
To Serve & Protect
Top Guard Security, Inc.
Tri-County Security
Tri-Lakes Security
Vance International Security Services & Consulting

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