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This page was created mainly to cover my interests in Literature, Mythological history (or Historical mythology), and Poetry. It will be updated on a weekly basis, at least in my LiveJournal, the_davemyster, which is dedicated to spreading an encouraging word to whoever may need it.
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14 August 2009 update:


re-added The Story of Raeville,;

which had been accidentally deleted.



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Shakespeare Page
King Arthur Page
Robin Hood Page
Joan of Arc Page
Beowulf Page
Egyptian Page
My “No Religion” Page
My Israel & the Jews ("the apple of God's eye") Page
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My Amateur Poetry Page
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My Rant (or, possibly, Wisdom) Page, where Dave speaks upon a great many subjects
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2007 Halloween pics Page
Nomi's Page
Earthpic Page
A Tribute to the Crew of the Columbia
A Page of various pics
A Page of pics of the little pond I built
My Boatbuilding Page
My Page of Marsh pics
My Page of Bok Tower pics
My Page of our backyard pics
My Page with butterfly pic
My Page with Katie pic
My Page with Rainbow pic
The humorous Story of Raeville, for my daughter, Rae =)
My Page of Fall at Lake Blackshear pics
The Princess and the Warlord, a play for Rae
"One Note of Perfect Beauty," an encouragement where Titania shows dave the power of the Song of Creation
"Who Are You," an encouragement where White Tiger shows dave some interesting things
"Tiny Miracles," a set of pics of little everyday backyard miracles.
"Providence Canyon," a couple of pics of a local canyon.
"Day of the Baby Turtles," here's a few pics from that boat trip.
Some pics of water lilies on Houston Lake.
Some pics of the Harley my wife bought me.
Some pics of Echeconnee Creek.

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