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First, let me start off by saying, "All of God's creations, especially us women, are beautiful!" It is true that beauty is in eye of the beholder. However, as Designer's Original, we have a reputation to uphold, which is to look great at all times. We are supposed to represent the kingdom of God, and that is our designer's way of living. As queens and princesses of this kingdom, we must represent ourselves as being royalty. We are beautiful women of God! We are fearfully and wonderfully made! As a Designer's Original, since we are already beautiful, we must maintain our beauty as well as enhance our remarkable features that God has so graciously given to us as special gifts. This is what the Designer's Original Beauty Shop is all about. While part of this website is to beautify the inside, this part will be designated to beautify the outside! So let's get BEAU-TI-FIED!

Bath Time Ttreatments:

Here are some things to remember
before you take your bath. Try out some the at-home remedies and save a bundle

Soaking in a warm bubble bath is a great opportunity to pamper and polish your skin, and has to be one of the most popular ways to relax. Go ahead and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

Did you know?:
Hair that has been straightened is blow dried using a vent brush to make it smooth. Hair straighteners could also be used to achieve a smooth look. Before chemical relaxers became available the most popular hair-straightening method was "hot-pressing".

Tips for Preventing Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are very common beauty cries for help. So maybe these tips can help:

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