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Going to chapel and we gonna to get marry!! Congratulations, to all the Brides-to-Be!! There's nothing like embarking on a whole new journey in life with that very special someone you love. Designer's Original can understand that, even though your wedding is going to be the best day of your life, planning it can become quite stressful and tiresome. With that in mind, this page is design to provide you with some resources and understanding that may help you make sure that your wedding day runs smoothly. Before you know it, your wedding day will be here. And, we don't want to have our lovely brides transforming into bridezillas. Yikes!!
A happy bride equals a happy wedding. So, enjoy!

"Haven't you read", he replied, "that at the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, no man can separate."
(Matthew 19:4-6 NIV)

"Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away. If one were to give all the wealth of his house for love, it would be utterly scorned."
(Song of Solomon 8:6-7 NIV)

Wedding Planning Articles
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For more wedding articles, We reccommend A-Wedding Day . They have a wide range of articles to cover every aspect in planning a wedding such as budgetting, etiquette, choosing vendors, and a whole lot more. If you need answers to certain questions about wedding planning, A-Wedding Day is the place.

Bridal Shower Games

Don't Say It
Notch each nametag with 10 tabs on the bottom. As each guest arrives, tell them the rules of the game: no one is to say the word "wedding" for the entire duration of the shower. If anyone hears another player say "wedding," they can tear a tab off the offending player's nametag. The player with the most tabs left at the end of the party wins a prize. At which point everybody shouts in unison, "1..2...3, WEDDING!!!" Trust us, it's hard!

A variation of this game is called, "Don't Touch It." Pass a small hair clip to each guest as they arrive. Instruct them to put it in their hair.
The rules are no one is to touch their own hair. If anyone sees another player touch their hair, they can ask for the offending player's hair clip and place it in their own hair. The player with the most clips at the
end of the shower wins a prize. Perhaps refraining from touching
one's own hair is even harder than refraining from saying the word "wedding" at a bridal shower.
Toilet Paper Bride!

Have your guests break up into several different teams (depending on amount of guests). Each team will choose 1 member of their team as the "bride". Give each team 2-3 rolls of toilet paper and give them a time limit (i.e. 5 minutes). Each team is to wrap toilet paper around their chosen "bride" to create a gown for her. The "official bride" will choose which gown design she likes the best and that team will win a prize!

Buy several cheap kitchen items and place each of them in their own small paper bag (so that you cannot see through it, lunch bags are perfect!). Write a number on each of the bags. At the shower, hand each guest a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, then pass around each bag one at at time and have the guests write down what they think each item is. After everyone has felt all the bags, reveal each item. Guests can check answers themselves. Whoever guesses the most items correctly wins a prize. The kitchen items can then go to the bride!
Clothes Pin.
This one is a game as well as an ice breaker. When guests arrive to
the party, each one is given a clothes pin (usually decorated in the theme colors of the wedding ) and instructed NOT to mention the Grooms name during the entire shower. If someone catches another person saying his name, they (the person that said his name) must give up
their clothes pin to the "catcher". At the end of the shower, the person with the most "pins" is declared the winner and WINS a prize. This is a fun way of keeping the party interactive and helps people to relax a bit easier.

Fill in the blanks.
Each guest receives a pencil and paper. The sheet contains the word "bridal" written vertically down the left margin with the word "shower" directly across from it on the right side. The object is to use each pair of letters as the beginning and end of the longest word they can think of. First word for example must begin with the letter "b" and end with an "s". (ie. brides, bouquets, banana) Each word is worth one point, unless it pertains directly to a wedding or shower, in which case that would be worth 2 points. The time limit should be no more than 10 minutes.
Wedding Bingo

(not this is NOT the traditional bingo game that you have to buy!) Make up some Blank Bingo Cards for each guest to fill in what they think the bride to be gifts will be. As the gifts are opened the guests mark off their "item" if they have it on their card. When the card is full they win a prize. (If no card is completed, give it to the person that marked off the most items)

Pin The Veil On The Bride

Similar to pin the tail on the donkey. Enlarge a photograph of the bride on a photocopier and tape it to the wall. Draw a veil on a piece of paper and make photocopies of it then cut out the veils. Blindfold each guest and give them a veil cutout to "pin" on the "bride" with a piece of tape. The guest who gets the best veil position wins.

For more ideas on Bridal Shower Games. Go to Games and
Everything you'll need to host a BABY SHOWER or BRIDAL SHOWER. We offer games, favors, gifts and much more to help make your event a success. Be sure to get our FREE SHOWER PLANNING GUIDE.

Here are some of our other favorite links that can help you with wedding planning,
etiquette, budgeting, vendors, and so much more:

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wedding Details

Are you an upcoming bride? If so, we would love to hear your story about how your fiance proposed, how long you've been dating, or did you always know that he would be the one, etc., etc. Designer's Original believe that there is always a romantic love story to be told, especially when two people are in love. Your real-life love story can give other women out there hope, when they are on the journey of trying to find Mr. Right, not Mr. Right Now. So, if you would like to share your love story please click on the
"Share Your Love Story" link below.

View Brides-to-Be Love Stories
Share Your Love Story

Besides choosing a wedding gown, a wedding site, or wedding colors, one the most important thing in planning a wedding is choosing the right wedding cake. Your wedding cake is a reflection of your wedding theme. It needs to be creative, unique, elegant, and a work of art. In addition to that, it must have a taste that none of your guests and wedding party will ever forget. Choosing the right wedding cake can be quite nerve wrecking, but at the end it will pay off. Here are a few links that can probably steer you in the right direction in choosing the perfect wedding cake:! Make sure to click on the wedding cake gallery.

Wedding Cake Wonders has various styles of wedding cakes such as classic, themed, elaborate, designer and more. Check out the cake gallery.

Diane's Wedding Cakes and Cookie Wedding Favors
Decorated Cookie Favors for all occasions, shipped throughout the US. Wedding cakes, grooms cakes, cake pictures, and design ideas. View our online photo galleries!

Wedding Freebies!!

Wedding Poems and Hankies - Print 100+ wedding poems catalog for free.
Poems for family, bride, groom, friends, and attendant.

Killer Freebies - The Web's Hottest Freebies & Deals, Updated Daily Monday thru Friday!
Join the Newsletter for GREAT Freebies & Deals and a chance to Win Prizes!
Make sure to click on wedding for all the free wedding stuff!

Vegas Vows has what they like to call a "Free Bag O Stuff", which
includes literature on some vendors. Check it out! It's Free!

Wedding Planning offers a free wedding planning guide,
wedding checklist, free wedding stuff, and so much more.

Fresno Weddings offers you a free wedding website, free budget information,
free wedding email, etc. For more freebies, check out their website. is an online freebie directory that has a wedding section.
Click on wedding to take advantage of the free wedding stuff.

We all know that planning a wedding is not a very easy task to do, especially when want everything to be perfect. It's even harder if you don't have anyone to talk to, someone who can give you sound advice. Words of wisdom sort of speak. That is why the Designer's Original created the Wedding Bliss Forum. This is a forum for all you brides-to-be to ask questions, to vent, to give and receive sound advice, or even get and give great wedding planning ideas. It's also for married women, whether you've been married for a week or for years, to share their wedding planning or wedding day stories as well as give advice. So enjoy the forum. We hope it wil help give you some insight on planning a wedding. Any feedback is well appreciated.

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Wedding Traditions

Wedding Traditions make weddings more loving, family oriented, fun, and romantic. Wedding traditions varies depending on different cultures and background. Even though traditions tend to vary, there are some traditions that are used by everyone, regardless of culture and background. For example:

Throwing the Wedding Bouquet. In the early days, the bouquet formed part of the wreaths and garlands,which included special herbs, worn by both the bride and groom. In time they were replaced by flowers symbolizing, happiness, everlasting love & fertility. Today the practice of tossing the bouquet is similar to the tradition of throwing the garter. The single woman who catches the bouquet is believed to be the next to marry.

Tossing the Bride's Garter. Tossing the Brides garter originated in France. The wedding guests believed that parts of the bride's wedding dress will bring them good luck. So to keep his bride's gown from being torn to pieces the groom would throw the garter, and the bride her bouquet, to the guests and whoever caught it was to have good luck. Today, in the United States, the groom traditionally removes the garter from the bride and throws it to a group of available bachelors. The man who catches it is thought to be the next to marry. The man who catches the garter and the lady who caught the bouquet may begin the next dance and take a photograph with the bride and groom. Some brides will have two garters; one for her groom to throw and the other to keep as a souveneir.

Releasing Doves. White dove releases are symbolic of faith, fidelity, peace and most importantly... love. A release of white doves adds special meaning and romance to your wedding day. White doves, also, represent blessings for a new beginning, a new journey for the bride & groom and the commitment between a husband and wife to support and love each other for a life time. The wedding doves fly into the sky to join together in a symbolic tribute to the newly married couple. Also, it's best to have someone from the wedding party to read a poem about the symbolism of releasing white doves, so the wedding guests could understand its importance.

Are you excited about getting married and you want the whole-wide world to know? Well, you can. Just click on the icon below and email us your wedding date, so we can post it on our Brides-to-Be Wedding Date Calendar. In the subject area, type in "Wedding Date". Also, please make sure you enter in your name and (fiancee's name, if you like), where you are from, and mailing address, so we can send you a lovely wedding gift. Please note that your mailing address will not be posted on the calendar, only your first names and the city/state of where you are from.

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A Wedding is the Entrance to Marriage

A wedding is the entrance to a marriage:
One drives through, and suddenly one's there!
Stepping from a fairy tale carriage
Into quite ordinary air.
Life is now a dance, though beautiful,
Requiring intense coordination;
Each self becomes, in ways inscrutable,
More fully what it is in combination.
And we who love you wait, of course, outside
As you become through love that mystery:
One flesh made whole of separate groom and bride;
Two selves, one life; two notes, one harmony.
When you are one, we then may cherish two:
Loving not just one, but both of you.

Copyright By: Nicholas Gordon

Designer's Original pray that as you plan your wedding everything will run smoothly and that everything will be perfect on your very special and lovely day. May your wedding day be full of love, happiness, and so much joy.
Best Wishes and God Bless!

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