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Glossary of programming and network terms - Part one




Active X – Microsoft first developed Active X to allow information sharing between various programming applications developed in various languages. Microsoft developed it to be fully compatible with the Windows operating system.


APIApplication Program Interface - A set of protocols for a routine to build software Applications. API’s are used to integrate database applications directly into the Web Server process instead of using CGI.


CGI. - Common Gateway Interface – This is a specification for transferring information between a World Wide Web server and a CGI program designed to accept and return data conforming to the CGI specification. The program can be written in any programming language


Client-Server - An application in which the functionality is divided between a machine serving many users and a client machine. Generally applied to database applications.


CORBA - Common Object Request Broker Architecture - This architecture enables pieces of programs, called objects, to communicate with each other regardless of what programming language they were written in. CORBA was developed by an industry consortium, known as the OMG (Object Management Group).


DCOM - Distributed Component Object Model, an extension of the COM (Component Object Model) to support objects distributed across a network. DCOM was developed by Microsoft and has become standard.


p class=MsoNormal>DMI - Direct Memory Interface -

IDL - Interface Definition Language - A specification for creating objects used in a distributed applications environment. Developers can model a legacy component using the same IDL used for creating new objects then write a code (known as a ‘wrapper’) to translate between a standard bus and legacy interfaces.


IIOP - Internet Inter-ORB Protocol - A protocol developed by the OMG to implement CORBA solutions over the WWW. IIOP enables browsers and servers to exchange integers, arrays, and more complex objects instead of HTTP, which only supports transmission of text.


Java. A portable, interpreted, object-oriented computer programming language adding automated memory management and omitting pointer functions. It can do amazing things to web pages and programs and the language is similar to C++.


Java Beans are components of reusable software that can be employed in distributed applications and manipulated visually in a builder tool. Beans can be combined to create applications, or smaller web-oriented applets. In addition, applets can be designed to work as reusable Beans.


JDBC -Java Database Connectivity - A Java API enabling Java programs to execute SQL statements, which allows Java, programs to interact with any SQL-compliant database. Nearly all relational database management systems (DBMSs) support SQL, and Java itself runs on most platforms, therefore JDBC makes it possible to write a single database application that can run on different platforms and interact with different DBMSs.


Future articles will explain more about the terms here. Don’t miss part two.

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