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London at night
by Lynda Archard
©: April 2002

10 things van drivers think they can get away with

1, Drive close to car bumpers to intimidate lane huggers to move over into the right lane.

2, Ignore traffic lights and road signs that seem 'inappropriate.'

A van follows a car into a 'no entry' road outside Greenwich Park narrowly missing the driver of an orange car who did have right of way.

My camera also caught a Van driver, as he turned left into Old Broad Street, which has a no left turning sign.

3, Speed between speed cameras.

4, Park anywhere, any time, even on the pavement.

5, Undertake a middle-lane driver and then get angry when he speeds up before you get passed.

6, Swear at the trivial things other drivers do even though you do the same.

7, Eat food, drink coffee and read road maps while driving.

8, Aim for deep puddles if someone is walking passed it.

9, Pull up close enough to scare pedestrians who stand in the road for no apparent reason.

10, Slow down and roll slowly towards red traffic lights so as not to have to stop when they turn green.

Disclaimer: I do not agree with any of these rules of the road. But then I am not a van or lorry driver.

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© Lynda Archard