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really BIG recipes

These recipes to serve 100 people and more, are a COLLECTION of recipes
from many sources.  I have NOT personally tried any of them.  When you are
considering using this much food and have ANY doubts about the recipe, I suggest
you scale the recipe down, make a 'tiny batch' to see if you like it.
Have fun and 'happy cooking' - Dayle


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(please note, sometimes spices and liquid can't be increased or decreased exactly in recipes)


Jan. 2006

Church Breakfast Eggs Buttermilk Pancakes Scrambled Eggs
Hot Chocolate Mix Oven Fried Bacon Pancakes
Pancake Syrup Easy Hash Browns Hash Browns with Peppers
- - -
Buttermilk Donuts Corn Bread No Bake Cookies
Basic Sheet Cake Ginger Blueberry Cake Brownies
Chocolate Chip Cookies Peanut Butter Fudge Bars Frostings (3)
Basic Sweet Bread Dough ChocPeanut Ice Cream Pie Chocolate Cakes
Biscuits MORE COOKIES 100 Doz. Sugar Cookies
Rasp, Poppy Seed Cookies Lots of Pie Crusts Pound Cake
White Chocolate Sauce Pumpkin Cheesecakes Apricot Bars 
Banana Splits Chocolate Raisin Cookies Fruit Trifle
Carrot Cake  Chocolate Cake  Pizza Crust