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Hassle Free Hash Browns

These are very easy to partially prepare ahead of time,
suitable for any size crowd.

For 100 servings

35 lb. approx. of baking potatoes (100)
3 lb. onions, finely diced
seasoning salt, to taste
cooking oil

One or two days ahead, preheat oven to 400 deg. and scrub potatoes well.
Arrange in oven on racks, without touching, you may have to do this in batches.
Bake potatoes until fork tender.  Cool, chill in fridge and then store in plastic bags or containers.
When cool, the potatoes can be sliced and/or diced , LEAVE THE SKINS ON, and stored ready to cook.

To cook, pan fry in a little oil, adding chopped onion and
sprinkle generously (or to taste) with seasoning salt,
cooking until golden and crispy.

Potatoes are an easy fill-them-up item and depending on the age of the crowd,
you can increase the amount of potatoes used. Useful if you are feeding
a 'football team' with mega man sized appetites.

These will be the BEST hash browns you have ever eaten!

Note: there is no waste or extra prep., as the peel is left on.
The potatoes are NOT wrapped in foil or rubbed with butter.
just plain ol' clean spuds!

SAFETY TIP: NEVER cook baked potatoes in foil, it is no longer considered a safe method,
the moist area inside the foil can breed bacteria at a fast rate.