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Pork Chops & Dressing

These are baked in the oven!

Serves 100

100 (4 oz.) pork chops
5 lbs. dry bread crumbs
1 c. margarine, melted
4 c. chopped onions
6 tsp. poultry seasoning
2 tsp. salt
6 eggs, beaten
3 qts. warm water

Put chops on lightly greased baking sheets with at least 1 inch sides.
Bake for 1/2 hr.  Pour off grease.
Combine dry dessing ingredients.  Mix in eggs and water, mixing lightly.
Put 1/4 cup of dressing on top of each chop.  Put water in pans to depth
of 1/8th inch deep.  Bake an additional 1/2 hr. or more until chops are
cooked though and tender and dressing is golden. (350 deg.?)

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