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If you spot a picture that is stolen, please let me know and I will promptly remove it. I have no tolerance for people who take credit for drawing other people's pictures.

These are pictures and stories that nice people have sent to me. If you'd like to submit something, e-mail me, but follow the rules--

It MUST be a JPG or GIF.
It must not be over PG-13.
Do NOT send me more than one file per week or I won't put any of them up.
If you send me a file over 150K, I will NOT put it up.
I reserve the right to refuse to post any picture if I don't feel like it, or to take my own sweet time in putting them up.

And let me know if you don't want me to post your e-mail address, or else I will.

I also reserve the right to trim your margins if you leave too much space, and also to shrink your pictures if I feel they're too big for the site. I'll never intentionally trim a signature out of the picture, but if you drew a small drawing in the middle of a page and signed the corner, I may move the signature closer to the picture, so please keep that all in mind when you're considering whether to send me a picture or not.

Do NOT put these works on your page unless you e-mail the contributor (whose name is listed next to the file name) and obtain his/her permission to use the graphic/fanfic.
Fan Art   


 Genedaughters.JPG by Gene F. Well, I do like this story: "and if you're wondering, there's a simple explination to the pic: the question was "what if Gene Starwind had daughters" (I shudder to think) and the answer was I had to draw the picture, send it to you and I'd get twenty bucks (my friends and I are very strange, if you couldn't tell already)"

Don't spend it all in one place. ^_-


 gene3.JPG by Chuck McDowell

 The beautiful picture titled Jimwings.JPG was NOT a picture of Jim!

It was an original work by Dayna-chan, whose website is

The picture was submitted to me by ZOIE SPHYNX, who lied to me, expressly taking credit for drawing the picture,. I have no tolerance for people taking credit for other people's artwork. Thank you to everyone who pointed out the thievery.


 aishajpg.JPG by heero yui From the VHS/DVD cover.


 poetryjim.JPG by Dj Los Angeles (website)


 outlawstar.JPG by Kryz Dracokin A very unique and nicely done picture, in a more realistic style than most OLS fanart.


 HarryMacD.JPG by Kathleen A very pretty/handsome picture of a very pretty/handsome character.


 Melandgene2.GIF by Antonio


 genemax.JPG by Max


 Jim18.JPG by Staria Jim at age 18. I'm glad he kept those crazy eyebrows. ^_^


 Aisha0001.JPG by


 AishaClan-Clan2.JPG by Jennifer Rogers


 JimHawkinghanmyo.JPG by Keiyo Meisato A brighter drawing of one of the VHS tape cover.


 JAV-Hilda_OLS.JPG by


 melfina-eye.JPG by Adam Jones


 genebilly.GIF by Oddboy


 steps.JPG by Rusty Steps he took for drawing Aisha.


 aishatry2.JPG by James Halpain


 amanda.JPG by Amanda Luevano Just Gene.


 geneandmel.JPG by Stephanie Hoelker Nice emotion.


 aishajpg.JPG by Jannah P. Nicely colored.


 hilda.JPG by Brittney Kelley A variation on one of the laserdisc/tape covers.


 gene1.GIF by Furman Mitchum, jr "hey i drew this picture freehand on the computer's paint thingy."


 hazanko1m.JPG by James Kent-Basham


 sazuka1m.JPG by James Kent-Basham


 melfina2m.JPG by James Kent-Basham


 melfina1m.JPG by James Kent-Basham

 aisham.JPG by James Kent-Basham Nicely shaded.


 fo-aisha.JPG by Matt Page, aka Fallout. I don't know if his website is suitable for children or not; there were too many pictures for me to check.... A nice picture.


 Gene.GIF by don cerny "I see that you only have 4 pics, and seeing as I am such an avid Outlaw Star fan I am glad to send you my work. (It may suck because it took me 10 minutes on my computers paint program)"

 Sazuka.JPG by Misty Waterflower A nice variation on one of the laserdisc/VHS tape covers.


 Jim1.JPG by Keiyo Meisato Jim and a soda (or is it a relative of Gilliam's? ^_-)


 Melfina0001.JPG by A pretty sketch.


 GeneStar.JPG by Staria A kind of sweet picture.


 Gene.JPG by Staria An action pose.


 JimHawking.jpg by Jim ...I sure hope you can guess who this is a picture of....


 olslady.GIF by Mandy "You know the end song pic # 5 I liked it so I wanted to make it more elegant
and this is it. I hope you like it.."


 sdoutlawstar1.JPG by A super-deformed (big head, smaller body--kind of like a kid) pic of Gene.


 logo.GIF by M E Selvig
 Fan Fiction  

 Kid's Parodies
 Commercials and such by Kid. I've just put these all on one page for the sake of convenience. Or, if you prefer, because I'm lazy.

OUTLAW STAR-2:The Journey Begins: And the perfect Recipe!!
Part 1


A series by by Gail-Chan about what happens after the series--Melfina gets the Outlaw Star and meets up with some kids...



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