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 Outlaw Star

Computer Stuff


Here's a very quick Outlaw Star desktop picture I cropped from the back of the first laserdisc cover (image from Amber Anime Archive). It's very pretty, I think. 800x600 pixels.


Another desktop picture--this is cropped from the front of the first laserdisc cover (image from Amber Anime Archive). Not that great, but at least it's something...



And a third! This is taken from my roommate's Anime magazine...(domo arigatou!) Not that great of a desktop picture because the center fold caused me to have to trim out most of Aisha (but if I wanted Gene, I had to leave her arm and braid in ^^;).



Here's a Winamp skin by Amaru--the pic is from the front of the first video/LD, but it's a rather cool-looking skin (complete with balance bars/etc.). Courtesy of:
intergalactic winamp skins

And another! This is a Winamp skin by Emily--the pic is from a magazine pic I've never seen before ^^;. Courtesy of:
emi's page (link didn't work last I checked ^^;)

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