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 Outlaw Star

The end song to "Outlaw Star" has several pretty, detailed pictures (illustrated by Hikaru Tanaka), all of which appear to have very little to do with the series itself (but most of which could easily serve as inspirations for another Anime series of their own ^_^).

I had to modify some of these pictures; I scanned them in from my artbook, and three pictures were overlapped by other pictures, so I had to fill in what was underneath as best I could (in most cases, not even knowing what the picture looked like underneath). Don't worry; I'll note where I had to modify stuff (in case it wasn't painfully obvious ^^;;;)--I just figured even a half-hearted attempt at covering up the blank spots would be better than a blank white spot in the corner of a picture...)

Click on the thumbnails to view a bigger version of the picture.

 First set of pictures:

These are all the pics I've ever seen in the ending song--I'd guess they change pictures halfway through the series, but I haven't seen the whole thing... ^_^; 





end5.JPG I had to patch in some extra grass in the lower-right-hand corner of this one. (It looks off, but not too awfully so...)

 Second set of pictures

Thank you to Chibi Faery Alexa Sakurazukamori for letting me know what order these go in.



end9.JPG The whole left-corner of this one (including half the castle) was covered up, which is too bad, since I found this picture to be very intriguing... I just filled in all the missing stuff as sky, so it doesn't look too funny (to someone who hasn't seen the full picture in question)...

end6.JPG I had to throw some mountains in all around the right side of the picture. It doesn't look right (and I almost didn't try to fix it at all) but I didn't want to cut off the whole right side and have a picture noticably smaller than the others in here... ^_^;;; But I'm sure the original picture didn't look so repetative.


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