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(New news about Outlaw Star 2)

Outlaw Star

"My love, my dreams, and you...I won't let those go, no matter what."
(from the theme song; doesn't have much to do with the series, but it sounds cool.)

Outlaw Star 2?

THE PICTURE OF "WINGED JIM" WAS BY DAYNA-CHAN AND WAS NOT ACTUALLY OF JIM, BUT RATHER, A PICTURE SOMEONE ELSE TOOK CREDIT FOR! If her page is up, visit Dayna-chan at for more beautiful (but non-OLS) pictures.

Keep your eyes open on Cartoon Network for Outlaw Star; it gets rerun a lot.... There will be 25 episodes aired (they've left out #24, an episode which is little more than the main characters in swimsuits and some nudity--it does very little to advance the plot, and would take more digital editing than usual to make it suitable for American TV).

Better still, go buy the unedited series yourself; it's reasonably priced on DVD.

THIS page is about the uncut Japanese series, unless otherwise noted; I don't plan to summarize Cartoon Network episodes. The DVDs are out (3 discs--9 episodes on the first two, 8 on the last). All have dub and sub tracks. Uncut Outlaw Star carnage! But don't expect Cartoon Network info here; I'm sure there'll be lots of fan sites for the cut dub elsewhere...

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The series Outlaw Star aired on Japanese TV from 1/8/98-6/26/98, with 26 episodes, and is currently being released by in America in both dubbed and subtitled formats. January 15th, 2001, it came to Cartoon Network in dubbed and edited form. 25 episodes ran, and were run again. And again.

NEWS: Outlaw Star 2? Who knows?

Latest info straight from

"I've got some news about a possible Outlaw Star 2. Morning Star Studio  This link is to the morning star studio website go to "works" on the side menu. It seems they threw away the idea for Sword of Wind and are now working on Retaliation due out by September 2002. I know no details just what's on the website."

I'm not entirely sure what this second project is, not knowing Japanese. The pictures they have shown are some CGI ships and a few comic pages...

(From Anime News Service, who got the info from AnimeNation:)

After yesterday's "Ask John" article about the slim possibility of new Outlaw Star animation being produced, reader "Sany" informed us that the official Japanese Morningstar site has tentative character designs and a story outline for an Outlaw Star 2 OAV series. However, the same page also states that because animation director Mitsuru Hongo is very busy, there is no scheduled production date for this tentative OAV series.

While this may be interesting news, Sany has received the following e-mail response directly from the creator of Outlaw Star (Julie's note--the manga/comic the series was based upon) confirming that there are no current plans to actually produce any new Outlaw Star anime:

"Hello. My name is Takehiko Ito. I can speak a little English. You looks project in my site contents. It's plan for Outlaw Star 2. But, that title is only plan and frozen yet. We planning new and different project now. Sorry. I love Outlaw Star too. Maybe I continue Outlaw Star by comic. Thank you!"

Still, sent me this link (Japanese) about Outlaw Star 2 OVAs (he says it's titled "Outlaw Star: Sword of Wind"). He summarizes (please beware spoilers!):

Melfina goes to college and Jim and Gene go their separate ways. Jim meets up with a Dr. Sputnik  and starts Hawking and Sputnik Enterprises. Jim falls in love with Dr. Sputnik's daughter, named Diva. And Dr. Sputnik creates a new kind of Outlaw-Star type ship called Sword of Wind. Hence the name of the OVA. What happens after that is still unclear to me but use your imagination.

And later, says:

Well, it's not much but I hear it is circled around Jim mostly and Fred Luo's ship goes down and the salvation team didn't find any remains of Fred so Jim, believing Fred is still alive, goes out looking for him in the Sword of Wind.

(end spoilers)

Keep in mind that all of this stuff is rumors. At any rate, DO NOT ask me if I know anything about the second series. All I know, I've posted here (I don't even know Japanese myself!), and when I find anything else, I'll put it up, too. If you ask me that question, I'll probably delete your e-mail. OK?

(Angel Links takes place in the same universe as Outlaw Star, if you need a quick fix. I have no interest in that series, though, so don't expect any information here.)

^_^= is a Gene Starwind smiley...see the scars? ^_-=

Many of these pictures were taken from videos at Hard-to-Find Anime Videos (which has dropped off the face of the earth...) and the Amber Anime Archive. When it isn't noted who contributed the picture, I scanned them in myself.

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Any corrections and contributions (episode summaries, pictures, fanart, fanfic, corrections, etc.) very very welcome--just send it through an e-mail or mail me the URL. ^_^ And keep them PG-13, if you could, please? Though this site is primarily about the Japanese version, the US version is likely going to draw a younger audience...

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