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Here's many of the Outlaw Star sites I've found online, at least, many which consist of more than just pictures and info swiped off this site ^^;...

Infinity Art Gallery (Outlaw Star - End Pictures) This page will direct you to the English webpage of Hicaru Tanaka, who painted the beautiful pictures in the closing song of Outlaw Star. Click on the Japanese letters near the bottom of Hicaru's website and check out the Japanese version too. is well-laid out, and one of the two most comprehensive English OLS sites I've found online (I won't say which the other is ^_-=). His info is original too.

New! The Starwind Network is another original site, currently updated pretty regularly.

There is an Outlaw Star section at Mydera's Anime Castle; it contains original character profiles, episode summaries, and a very cute "You know you watch too much Outlaw Star when..." The maintainer did a great job. ^_^

Amber Anime Archive has scans from the first Outlaw Star laserdisc. Lots of other stuff for other series there too. is a very graphics intensive, slow-to-load page, but they've released this series. Right now they're constructing, yeah...

There is a review of Outlaw Star at; it 'misspells' many names (writing them by Japanese pronunciation, not official English spellings) and probably has some spoilers, but it was one of the first OLS pages out there, so I have a soft spot for it. There's a couple other Outlaw Star reviews there too (at least one of the drama soundtrack)...

Studio Neko-Han-Ten Anime/Manga CD Guide has reviews of two OLS soundtracks, one single, and one drama CD. Pretty cool.

Starwind and Hawking: OLS RPG is trying to make an...OLS RPG.

Outlaw Star Seiyuu List (run by my former roommate ^_-=) says who does the Japanese voices for the characters, with some cross-references. (Did you know Jim has the same Japanese voice actress as Satoshi from Pocket Monsters? (that would be Ash in the dub 'Pokémon'...))

Also, the Anipike has at least a couple Outlaw Star sites listed; I'm sure I missed many OLS sites...

Links that seem to have perished off the face of the earth (or at least were down last I checked):

Outlawstar: Gene Starwind Manga scans, fan art, and thoughts about the series. is where you can find the official info on the Cartoon Network edited series. Sometimes, anyway.

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This page is devoted to the uncut Japanese version of Outlaw Star; it may happen to have some info about the Cartoon Network series, but that's not what the focus is on.

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