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 Outlaw Star

These are not very good episode summaries, because I decided to put up a page devoted to the series at least a couple months after I saw the first episode or two--hence, the details are rather poorly done and fuzzy . But I'll try my best; if anyone has more details or corrections or whatever, please e-mail me and I'll fix these ASAP. Images from Amber Anime Archive.

Episodes 5 and on should have better summaries; I'm taking notes at my Anime screenings. Man, is that pathetic or what?

Thanks to Minsky and fleming for clearing up my many misconceptions about the events.

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Episode 1
"Outlaw Star"

(when I get around to it, I should make this summary better; I have a fansub of episode one...^^;)

Gene Starwind and Jim Hawking run their own bounty-hunter/odd job type business in a strange futuristic space colony which looks a lot like the old West. Their favorite hangout is a bar owned by Clyde, and Gene likes to hit on the barmaid named Iris.....well, OK, later in the episode it seems he likes to "hit on" (that is to put it politely ^^;) *everyone*... Gene and Jim are hired by a pretty blonde woman who calls herself Rachel to be her bodyguard. Turns out the two eyes and blonde hair were the result of a (darned good) mask, and she's really Hilda the outlaw! She forces Gene and Jim to take her out to find something for her, while they are chased by the Kei pirates (the leader is a little girl with a yin-yang symbol on her garment...). They get there and Hilda shoots Gene, but he lives--though Jim's PDA is destroyed--and pulls a gun on her instead. They find a briefcase, open it, and inside is what seems to be a naked, cryogenically frozen young woman. Or something.

Episode 2
"The Star of Desire"

Gene doesn't really want to take the briefcase, but Hilda figures that if the pirates want it, it must be valuable. They take the case to an old house somewhere, but they're still being chased by the Kei pirates. A nice violent standoff occurs, with Gene shooting a lot, until they wake the girl (Melfina) up. Gene puts his jacket on her (resulting in no more nakedness for a while) and Gene, Jim, Hilda, and Melfina escape to Hilda's ship and fly away to Blue Heaven, a popular hangout for outlaws. They have some scuffles with more bad guys and have to beat them up without using bullets (a bullet would go right through the wall of the outlaw hangout, killing everyone, so firing a gun is a capital offense). Thus, Hilda uses a cool phaser thing, and Gene uses paint bullets.

Episode 3
"Into Burning Space"

Gene and Hilda beat everyone up real good, and they leave Blue Heaven (or whatever it's called) in Hilda's ship. Unfortunately, Gene has a space phobia stemming from childhood (we see lots of flashbacks of his father shoving him into an escape pod to escape a burning ship). He spends most of the episode sitting and turning green while Hilda pilots the ship and Jim shoots missles at enemies. A ship from the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire, a powerful race of cat people, insists that Hilda make way for them (although those leaving Blue Heaven have priority over incoming ships, the Ctarl-Ctarl have priority over EVERYONE). Hilda refuses to change course--the Ctarl-Ctarl angrily change course in order to avoid a collison.

(One rather strange and semi-objectionable scene in this episode--I'm not sure if it was fan-subtitled creatively or was really like that--is where Hilda infers that Gene is a virgin, a point to which he vehemently objects. She then says that 'it' must not perform; this also outrages Gene. Melfina asks what's going on, and Hilda says 'it' doesn't perform. Melfina says 'I'm sorry,' seemingly to make him feel better. Jim says something about grown-ups being weird. Do you blame him? ^_-) According to Outlawstar: Gene Starwind, this is talking about Gene being a SPACE VIRGIN. Yeah. ^_-

Episode 4
"When Hot Ice Melts"

Both pirates and outlaws are chasing Hilda and company. Hilda lands inside an asteroid, where they find one of the best ships in the galaxy which Hilda decides to steal. (It was made from collaborations between the pirates and the government, and, since both groups owe her money, she figures she's entitled to it.) The ship itself can talk, and recognizes that these people aren't its crew, but, as its memory banks aren't working at 100% yet, it inputs our gang as crew members. It asks for a name (Jim suggests 'James Jr.') but before they think of one, they have to try to leave the asteroid, as the enemies are coming inside. Hilda gets in her own ship to serve as decoy (she doesn't want to lose the ship!) while leaving Gene, Jim, and Melfina with the new ship. Jim has to go get the engines going, and Melfina serves as navigator by stripping naked and getting into a clear cylinder of goo. (REALLY.) Gene comments that he's not sure if she needs to be naked for that. Anyway, Gene has the ship open the asteroid's air lock to pull some of the intruders out of the building, all while other bad guys are trying to ram the asteroid into a star. Finally, Gene pilots the ship out of the asteroid. Hilda's ship takes too many hits (especially from the pirates), and falls towards the star; Gene catches it with a rope, but his ship can't pull her ship away from the star's gravitational pull. Gene's ship advises him to let her go. Hilda bids farewell to her ship (it is a VERY strange experience to hear a ship say, "I understand. Sayonara, Hilda."), dons a spacesuit, and attempts to climb the rope from her ship to Gene's. The rope breaks. Gene wants to go after her, but his ship strongly objects, as they wouldn't be able to escape the star's gravity. Gene and company leave Hilda behind. Hilda is drawn to the sun, resigned to her fate of dying violently as an outlaw, but does manage to grab the scary little girl with the yin yang symbol on her clothes and take her down with her. Gene stares in silence for a while, then names the ship Outlaw Star.

Episodes 1-4 - Episodes 5-8 - Episodes 9-12 - Episodes 13-15

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