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Ehehe... I've decided to make an adoption center! It'll eventually have anything from Gundam to HP to my school friends (who are a bit peeved at being put up for adoption, especially my lil' sis). ^_^

There're not too many people here now, but I have two pages worth of little SD uncoloured people, so when I have time....


* Right click and save your SD-character to your page directory. Don't alter them in any way, shape or form.

* Use this code to place a link to my page near your adopted character:

<P>This chibi-______ was adopted from <a href="">Lizeth's Loft</a>

* E-mail me with your webpage address. I'll dropping by to take a look so you might want to have the chibis up before you do so. ^_^

* LOVE YOUR ADOPTED PERSON! Treat them well, or else. :P You have been warned.

The adoptees:

Ranma Saotome

Tai Kamiya

Trowa Barton

Heero Yuy

Professor Lockhart

Remus Lupin

Neville Longbottom


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