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Miscellaneous Fanart
Miscellaneous FANART!!

Here's the stuff that comes outta my warped mind :D and can't quite be cassified as clearly as I'd like.


This was a pic done for a Redwall club I'm part of known as Fort Riverway. Riverway Sunset
Here's a pic I did for my art project at school. Took me so bloody long... Smile
Part of my assignment at school... make a webpage (heeheehee) with your own graphics... on a topic of your own choosing... Les Miz: Eponine
Another one for my project (and you wonder why I haven't been making ''fanart'' lately... Les Miz: Revolution
Marius and Cosette... (duh) Les Miz: Lovers
Valjean and young Cosette in Paris. Les Miz: Father