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 Digimon is short for Digital Monsters. Kinda like Pokemon but not. ^_^

Basically, seven kids are sent to the "digital world" while at summer camp. There they meet up with their digimon, who apparently have been waiting for them.

The main characters are Tai (who ends up as leader), Matt (Mr. Cool: the rebel ;), Sora (mm... she's a mother figure, I guess), Izzy (the computer genius!), Joe (he's the oldest and the most... paranoid? Err...), Mimi (One word: Pink!), and T.K. (umm... the kid).

Anyway, the kids try to find their way home and along the way they face several threats and evil digimon. Really, it's a good show. Not as corny as it sounds. (Well.... maybe, but I like it anyway so NYAH!).

Later on they pick up an eighth kid, who happens to be Tai's little sister, Kari.

Digimon: Digital Monsters is copyrighted to Saban, Bandai and other respective owners. No infringement intended.  


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