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I'll give you one guess as to which section has
been updated. It starts with a 'Y' and it ends with an 'oh'.

/04/03: Is This Normal? has been moved out of the fanfic
section to the Yugioh section. And yes, there are other
updates to that section.

Welcome to Lizeth's Loft, a fanart site (mostly fanfic fanart, really). I'm big on Harry Potter so there's lotsa stuff there but I do like anime too. I'm on a YU-GI-OH kick right now. **huggles Yami** Browse around and see what you like. 

If, however, you'd like to use any of my pics, please e-mail me first. :) That way I don't come after you with a mallet.

P.S. Read my fanfics at your own risk... I don't update them that often.

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