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Fan Fiction

More than Two Worlds Apart by Lizeth

Series: Digimon

Category: Action/Alternate universe

Rating: PG/PG-13

Summary: Right after they get into the streetcar, bound for home, the Digi-destined are attacked. Now stranded, separated and without their digimon, they must first find each other again... and quickly, because separated, they are vulnerable.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

History by Lizeth

Series: Pokemon

Category: AAMRN

Rating: PG

Summary: Post Bulbasaur's Secret Garden, Ash has his own secret to worry about

Prologue (teaser)

Harry Potter and the Gods' Gift by Lizeth

Series: Harry Potter

Category: Adventure

Rating: PG (dark-ish?)

Summary: Just because it's summer, y'think Harry's gonna get a break? No way...

Prologue and Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Stone Angel by Lizeth

Series: Gundam, Evangelion

Category: X-over, AU

Rating: G

Summary: A new pilot comes on scene. What are the boys' reactions?


Stand Alone


Illumination by Lizeth

Series: Escaflowne, Harry Potter

Category: X-over, AU

Rating: PG13 for some blood

Summary: How many lives can a person live and remember enough to learn not to tamper with destiny?

Chapter 01: Ghosts

A "Grim" Encounter by Lizeth

Series: Harry Potter

Category: Altaverse

Rating: G

Summary: Very weird. What was one of the key influences of Sirius' life, whether he realizes it or not? The whole, his-animagus-form-looks-like-a-Grim phenomenon? It all goes back to his mother... A bit of MWPP animagus WAFFiness at the end.

One and only chapter

Is This Normal?! by Lizeth

Series: Yugioh

Category: Continuation

Rating: PG

Summary: When Ryou is temp. transferred to a boarding school, he thought the worst he had to deal with was keeping his councilor from getting too suspicious, but when old "enemies" start poppin' up... Is this what normal teen life's supposed to be like?!

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