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3x3 Eyes | Bastard!! | Battle Angel Alita | Blade of the Immortal | Call Me Princess | DNA2*NEW CONTENT* | Dragonball | Fushigi Yuugi | Marionette Generation | Mobius Klein | Nadia | Rurouni Kenshin | Sailor V | Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Zetsuai 1989

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Temple News
11 APR 03 - Heh heh, yeah I haven't updated this in a long time. Gomen nasai! I probably won't be updating again anytime soon either. But, I still think there is plenty of material at this site. I did however dig out my old Live Journal for some reason (maybe because I got tired of people emailing me asking for my account). So you can check that at

if you need something to look at. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Temple over the years! And thanks to miko Sailor2Moons for all her help and scanlations. The Temple isn't dead, just neglected! ^^;

17 DEC 01 - Eheh heh! ::sweatdrop:: Seems like there are an awful lot of pop-ups popping up on this page lately. And for that I apologize. But what can I do, when I'm being hosted for free? Sumon nai ::bows humbly::

17 NOV 01 - Added some Bastard!! manga, coutesy of Sailor2Moons! Please give it a moment to load.

21 OCT 01 - Just added Sailor V manga, coutesy of Sailor2Moons! Please give it a moment to load. Also updated the Johji Manabe page!

08 OCT 01 - As you can probably tell, the Tenchi Muyo! shrine is under construction. I've recently put up two patrially completed sections: Image Gallery. Check 'em out!
Also, by an incredibly generous donation from Sailor2Moons, we now have DNA2, Rurouni Kenshin and Zetsuai 1989 scans in the Manga Image Galleries! They are direct links to the images and may take a moment to load, but are definitely worth the wait. WAA TAAAA!

09 SEP 01 - The Fushigi Yuugi image gallery has been updated, with a whole new page added! It's the Shoujo overload this month, new Image Galleries for Call Me Princess, Marionette Generation and Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Enjoy!

16 AUG 01 - New Image Gallery for Kia Asamiya's Mobius Klein Manga! This is the prequel to the Silent Mobius Manga (for which I hope to add a shrine someday!). 28 scans from the Manga! One of my best layed-out galleries, yet. Enjoy!

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