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Johji Manabe Universe

Welcome to the shrine of Manabe Johji-sensei, Manga artist and storyteller extrodinaire! Any presentation of copywritten material is intended as a tribute to this master story-teller and not meant is an infringement of said copyright. Manabe, a self-pronounced Otaku, made his professional debut in 1984. His worlds and stories are always filled with lots of Science-Fiction/Fantasy crossover. Huge bio-mech warships, action, hilarity and sword-swinging babes that steal your heart. Below is what I hope is a nearly complete list of all of Manabe's works. Anything that's clickable will lead you to info on the series. You can read info and view pics! Also links to visit. If a title isn't linked to anything, that means I don't have enough info on it. (If you have any scans, info, etc for these titles or any other Manabe Manga/Anime, please email me! I am also looking to identify some of the titles displayed in the Assorted Manabe Covers gallery. Thanx for your help!) Please sign the guestbook and visit again soon!

OutlandersCaravan KiddDrakuun

Galaxy Warring State Chronicle Rai

Powerful Mazegohan


Ten no kamigami-tachi*NEW*

Gosei douji Ran
The Key of Graciale

Junk Party

Biba Usagi Kozou

Lost Requiem*NEW*
Love Synchroid

Jamuka's Great Adventure

Chuuka Ichiban*NEW*

Princess Lullabye*NEW*

Assorted Manabe Covers

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Mian Toris
Lim Sweet
Chau Roh
Kona/Miss Santa

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All material on this page copyright Johji Manabe and Studio Katsudon. All pics scanned by Dick Saucer. This site is intended as a loving tribute to this master storyteller. Do not sue me! Domo Arigato Gozaimasu, and keep reading!