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Mobius Klein

Mobius Klein is the prequel Manga to Kia Asamiya's Silent Mobius Manga. It tells the story of how Fuyuka and Gigelf met, and introduces many characters that later appear in Silent Mobius, including; Rally Cheyenne and Ganossa Maximillian, as well as the relatives of other characters like Yamigumo Razan (Nami's Grandfather). Compiler, from Asamiya's manga of the same name, also makes an appearence. This Manga sets in motion the events that cause the catastrophe that is the backdrop for Silent Mobius. It was also condensed into a 25 minute Anime episode (episode #14, to be exact) from the Silent Mobius TV series.
These images are taken from the excellent english language release by Fanboy Entertainment, and the spanish language release by NORMA Editorial. The following galleries are in lew of a Silent Mobius Manga shrine I plan on putting up sometime in the future. Click here to be informed about future updates!

Mobius Klein
Mobius Klein

Gigelf & Flecks
Airport in Flames

Fuyuka & Gigelf
Fuyuka & Gigelf

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