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Steam City!

"The Streets here are continually enshrouded in white mist. Steam rises from everywhere, obscuring the streets and buildings. Because coal was the only fuel available, this city developed an incredibly advanced steam technology. Unfortunately, evil-doers take advantage of this white fog to commit countless crimes and continually baffle the police. At night, the white mist shrouds the darkness, intimidating everyone. People Call this city enveloped in mist, STEAM CITY."

So opens nearly every story of the Steam Detectives Manga. Steam Detectives is currently being serialised in English in Animerica Extra magazine, and is also available compiled in graphic novel form. Steam Detectives is the story of Boy Detective Narutaki, his butler Kawakubo, his assistant Ling Ling and her megamaton Goriki and the various masked dandies and mad scientists that continually make life difficult in Steam City. Steam City exists in an alternate past in which steam power has won out over any other power source (much like the video game and Anime series Sakura Taisen). Steam City is a mixture of London and Tokyo's Asakusa district. Both the characters and storyline are heavily influenced by Batman, as Asamiya freely admits. This great series has also been made into an Anime TV show, of course. It isn't available commerically in English yet, but Whitecross is currently fansubbing it. Anybody that has screen shots of the anime, please email me! Kia Asamiya is also the creator of Nadesico, Silent Moebius, Complier and alot of other great Manga/Anime titles!

The Steam Detectives
The Characters of Steam Detectives

Angel in White - The Shrine of Ling Ling Hsu

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Narutaki-kun and Ling Ling

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Shrine of Ling Ling Hsu

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