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Capricorn was a Manga series written and drawn by Johji Manabe published by Shinshokan. This page is dedicated to both the Manga and the OVA.
I don't really have much information on the Manga series, but I do have scans from the Thai language manga, donated by Dawameren-chan!
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original Manga
original OVA

The Story...*spoiler alert*
Since I've never read the Manga, I don't know how it compares with the OVA. But if it's anything like the Outlanders OVA, it's probably an ultra-condensed version of the Manga series. Shimamura Taku is transported from Earth to the world of Slaphrase. General Zolba (who makes a cameo in the Drakuun Manga ^_^) plots to displace the emperor and place himself on the throne. At the same time, the mysterious omen appears in the sky above Slaphrase, the sister planet Capricorn (aka Earth!). Zolba plans to open a gateway to Capricorn and attack, which could have dire consequences for both planets. Zolba's armada of warships is accompanied by cloned Yappie, an ancient, nearly extinct race of dragons that were once the guardians of Slaphrase. Taku, along with a Yappie girl named Mona, the last of her kind, try to stop the invasion which will result in the destruction of both worlds.

Here are some pics from the OVA. They aren't too hot, as they're from the video box! If anybody has any better screenshots they'd like to contribute, email me!


Executive Producer: Tsukada Tomohiro

Story: Manabe Johji

Planning: Yatabe Yuji

Producers: Matsura Masato, Takano Hiroshi

Chief Animator and Character Designs: Taniguchi Moriyasu

Screenplay: Imanishi Takashi

Storyboards: Manabe Johji

Director: Imanishi Takashi

Animation Production: AUBEC

Produced by: TAIRIKU-SHOBO


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