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All about the Manga Temple

Noticing a lack of manga-related sites in the internet, in comparison to the large number of anime sites, I decided in March of 2000 to create the Manga Temple as a way of filling the gap with manga images, information and other resources for fans of japanese comics.

The Manga Temple features two basic types of sites for manga titles. The first is the "Manga Shrine" which typically features character information, plot synopsis, images and other information from a given manga title. The first of these added to the Temple was Slayers Medieval Mayhem. The largest is Johji Manabe Universe, an on-going project in which I am trying to create the largest english resource for this fabulous manga-ka and his works!

The second are basic image galleries containing scans of panels, and sometimes entire pages, from some of the staff's favorite manga titles. Links to these galleries can be found on the main page.

The webmaster and his girlfriend
Dick Saucer is the founder and chief priest of the Manga Temple. He is a shameless otaku, and inbetween working 45+ hours a week, watching anime and reading manga somehow finds time to update the Manga Temple occasionally.

Sailor2Moons is first Miko (priestess) of the Manga Temple. Her many contributions can be seen in the image gallery section, including original japanese scans of; Zetsuai 1989, DNA2, Rurouni Kenshin, Bastard! and Sailor V, with translations. As well as translating many of the unknown Manabe cover titles I had laying around. She is an artist and animator as well, and also runs a phenomenal MP3 site; Slr2Moons' Anime Music Pantechnicon.

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